I am rethinking my blog…

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About Sue Sutcliffe

Sue Sutcliffe, TheWebCoach.ca got her first taste of the Internet in 1993 and has been assisting organizations market themselves ever since. Sue turned her eyes to reaching out and teaching people how to get more out of the Internet via group presentations and one-to-one coaching after a decade in the website development business, and after amassing a strong team of WebsiteTalent.com, and a successful website company aWEBthatWORKS.com.

7 thoughts on “I am rethinking my blog…

  1. Hi Sue,

    This page looks pretty good! I like the pale blue fading to white – it’s airy, fresh, clean, uncluttered.

    Great info on the QR codes. As yet, I haven’t seen them, probably would in Toronto and other large cities.


  2. I would like more people to know how important their Essential Message is in the effectiveness of their websites and other online media. Do you have any case studies or research for that?

  3. I think the biggest challenge for organizations of all sizes will be the increased penetration and adoption of consumer internet(aka social media) and other external information sources into the knowledge worker workplace. It would be interesting to see how IT/IT outsourcers handle the management/support but more importantly how organizations can turn this into a strategic advantage/differentiator for their business or public organization.

  4. Glad you like it @Sue Dalby. Long time no see – other than Facebook. *hugs* and please call me. I need more vinyl. No rush. Could also use help with graphics if you’ve got some time?

    Long time no talk @Michel Neray. I’d love to hear the statistics of your program. We should talk soon. It’s been ages. How’s your Mamma doing. I love her heart! She is a dear!

    Thanks @Linda Smith. That’s kind of you to say and I think we’ve only just seen the start of a QR code revolution. QR codes are fast way to share information with smart phones. Marketing gurus in North America are only just now playing with it. By end of next year, I predict they will be common place as will smart phones.

    @Mark Canning, you are so smart! I am looking forward to this challenge as I know you are too Sir. Bought my Android. Please don’t pout…

  5. Hi Sue,
    Excellent presentation.
    Exactly what small businesses need to know and do.
    Keep up the good job!