Rules of Networking

Just read an really interesting post by Recruiterpoet called “Networking Needs Compassion” and loved the way he summed up the Rules of Networking…

Some approaches can be successful but one must always remember a few key principles of networking.

1.) It takes time. Networking is like a fine red wine. It takes time to age but when you finally open it, the rewards are bountiful.

2.) Networking needs compassion, trust, and respect. We will get into this further on in this article, but the bottom line is don’t be a selfish networker. You know who you are. You only reach out to people when you need something. You play the sales role well by shaking hands, taking cards and buying a drink or two but never follow up unless you need something. Bad, bad, bad networker.

3.) Diversify your network. Now I sound like Jim Cramer. Use a variety of means of networking including face to face, social media and internal corporate channels. Do not limit yourself, but also do not over extend yourself.

4.) Continue to evolve and grow. As your professional, personal, volunteer, publications, events, and other aspects of your life add to your life summary, update that information and ensure that all the individuals in your network are aware of how well you are developing and diversifying.

5.) Be cautious of hitchhikers. There is nothing wrong with aligning yourself with open networkers but be careful of their message and what they are trying to gain. Aligning yourself with the wrong individuals could have an adverse affect on your reputation.

6.) Be generous but be aware. Be generous with how your share your time and connections but do not over use your power. Your closest networking counterparts put a tremendous amount of trust in you and if you use them too much that is an abuse of the trust and it could damage a relationship.

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Networking Needs Compassion « Recruiterpoet’s Blog.

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Basic Facebook Fan Page Optimization For High Ranking Google SEO

Another great blog post by Chennai Social Media

There are several different ways that you can keep your fan page optimized for search engines to find it. Fan pages are also a great way to drive direct traffic right to your website.

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Is Social Media The Superhero Of The Internet?

“Social media allows your organization to communicate with a large number of people very effectively.” Faster than a speeding e-mail. More powerful than a single website. Able to reach tens of millions in a single post.  Look! Up in the sky! It’s a blog. It’s a tweet. It’s social media!

Read the entire article via: Durham Business Times

WordPress Blogging (December 2nd, 2010) – Webinar

Not just a blog but also an intuitive and friendly content management system, WordPress forms the stable and secure basis for thousands of websites, commanding a whopping 87% of all blogs. Powerful and flexible with an enormous developer base, WordPress can be customized to fit your website needs, no matter how complex, with its easy customization and over 10 thousand plugins to choose from. Specializing in WordPress-powered sites, Sue Sutcliffe can help you build a knockout website.

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WordPress wins CMS award over Joomla and Drupal!

I was just informed that WordPress, in head-to-head voting against Joomla and Drupal, has won this year’s Open Source CMS Hall of Fame award.

We have to be careful because if this trend continues people might think WordPress is a real CMS, useful for more than just a blog. This would ruin our stealth campaign and might bring dozens of new users to the WordPress community. If you could keep this on the DL we’d appreciate it.

We don’t want WordPress to develop a reputation.

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WORDPRESS: Top 10 Essential WordPress Plug-ins

The iPhone has an app for everything. So does WordPress. Check out these top ten plugins to make your WordPress website work harder for you. Best of all – they’re free!

  1. Google Analytics (Plugin: Google Analyticator)
    This free tool measures the success of your marketing efforts by providing detailed information and statistics on visitors to your site, traffic patterns, etc.
  2. Email Forms (Plugin: cformsII or Contact Form 7)
    Email forms have two major advantages. First, they hide your email address, making it harder for spammers to harvest it. Second, they prompt visitors for the information you need, like their contact details and how they heard about you.
  3. Comment/Submission Spam Protection (Plugin: Akismet)
    Spammers exploit email forms and blog comments. This tool blocks the majority of spammers, saving you review time.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (Plugin: All in One SEO Pack)
    The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to boost your website higher in search engine results so visitors find you before they find your competitor.
  5. Subscription Tool (Plugin: G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager)
    Asking visitors to provide their email address (with a double opt-in check to confirm their interest) lets you to contact them directly, rather than hoping they come back to you. For happy subscribers, indicate the frequency of your mailings, include value and avoid oversaturating them.
  6. Social Media Presence (Plugin: Social Profilr)
    Social media icons on your site tell your visitors that you keep up with the times, and that your company is evolving. Include icons for social media platforms that welcome visitor participation.
  7. Sharing Buttons (Plugin: AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget)
    Adding sharing buttons on your site encourages your visitors to let their friends know about you, using their favourite social networking tools. It’s the power of word-of-mouth, spread virtually.
  8. Intuitive Navigation (Plugin: PixoPoint Menu Plugin)
    This plugin organizes multipage websites using drop-down menus. It helps visitors navigate quickly and effectively.
  9. Regular Updates (Plugin: Future Dashboard Widget)
    Posting fresh content on a regular basis drives traffic to your site. This widget informs visitors when and how often they should return for updates.
  10. Favicons (Plugin: Favicon Generator)
    Favicons are the small images that “decorate” a URL on a web browser. These distinctive icons, often a tiny company logo, accentuate and personalize your brand on browser tabs and favourites lists.

What’s your favourite WordPress Plugin?

Presentations & Twitter

Thanks Dan Zarrella! Just love your page about strategies one can use to get people tweeting and promoting your presentations…

I’ll keep this page updated with best practice techniques for presenting with Twitter. Here are some of the best resources I’ve seen so far about how to use (and how NOT to use) Twitter during presentations.

via Twitter in Presentations Best Practice | SAP Web 2.0.

Retailers Need Social Media!

I just read Website Magazine’s What Shoppers Discuss Most on Social Networks which highlights key statistics about the impact of social media — in particular how consumers use social networking sites to: get advice on what to purchase; give advice on companies and products, and whether they post content specific to various industries.

Was interesting to hear that roughly 1/2 of respondents polled:

  • are fans of appliance brands or retailers on Facebook
  • use social networking sites to seek advice on electronics purchases
  • discuss apparel on social networking sites to compare prices
  • follow automotive brands or retailers on Twitter

Are your customers stalking you?  How does your company rate?