How to set up Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts on iphone

Some of you more experienced Gmail users may know this “trick” already, but it’s surprising how many people are still syncing their iPhone with their computer to get their contacts, when you can sync everything over the air. Check out these instructions to see how to set up Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts on iOS and get everything syncing over the air. After setting it up, your contacts and calendar should always be up to date whether or not you’ve synced, and your email notifications should come in instantly. Of course, Android users need not worry—Android does all this out of the box.

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Google Officially Launches Google Drive

We’ve heard the rumors for weeks, and seen leaked versions during an Android developer’s Google+ Hangout and in one employee presentation. But now Google Drive, Google’s cloud-storage service, is official.

Announced on the company blog Tuesday, the service will integrate with Google Docs and will allow you to access files from anywhere and collaborate on documents with colleagues.

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Duplicate Content Issues?

Today, Google webmaster tools has launched a new message alert to let site owners know when a particular URL doesn’t appear because Google sees it as duplicate of a URL on a different domain. In the blog post announcing the feature and in an in-depth help topic, they provide details on how they identify duplicate clusters of content and choose a “canonical” version of that cluster to display in search results.

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Google Merges Analytics, Webmaster Tools Data, Adds SEO Reports

Google Webmaster Tools reports are now included as part of Google Analytics. You may recall four months ago, Google Analytics launched a pilot program between the two services. As of today the Analytics team announced the initial test are over and everyone will now be able to link Webmaster tools and Google Analytics accounts. They’ve even enhanced the services based on feedback during the pilot.

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Google+ / Video Growth

Great article yesterday by  called “5 Ways Google+ Will Drive Social Video Growth

In particular, Google+ is opening up a number of different opportunities for brands to get their videos seen and shared. It’s quite possible that we will look back on the Google+ launch as a landmark moment for social video advertising, because of the new possibilities it created for people to share, co-view, chat and text about entertaining videos.

If you’ve got video content, do yourself a favour and read this post!