Why Social Media Overload Means New Opportunities for Startups

VERY interesting post by Mashable…

Social assistance will be the next frontier spawned from social networking, and we’re all going to need it. We’ll require help managing our online relationships, tying our streams together, sifting through the noise, keeping up with what matters personally, finding who and what we need, and remaining productive.

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Rules of Networking

Just read an really interesting post by Recruiterpoet called “Networking Needs Compassion” and loved the way he summed up the Rules of Networking…

Some approaches can be successful but one must always remember a few key principles of networking.

1.) It takes time. Networking is like a fine red wine. It takes time to age but when you finally open it, the rewards are bountiful.

2.) Networking needs compassion, trust, and respect. We will get into this further on in this article, but the bottom line is don’t be a selfish networker. You know who you are. You only reach out to people when you need something. You play the sales role well by shaking hands, taking cards and buying a drink or two but never follow up unless you need something. Bad, bad, bad networker.

3.) Diversify your network. Now I sound like Jim Cramer. Use a variety of means of networking including face to face, social media and internal corporate channels. Do not limit yourself, but also do not over extend yourself.

4.) Continue to evolve and grow. As your professional, personal, volunteer, publications, events, and other aspects of your life add to your life summary, update that information and ensure that all the individuals in your network are aware of how well you are developing and diversifying.

5.) Be cautious of hitchhikers. There is nothing wrong with aligning yourself with open networkers but be careful of their message and what they are trying to gain. Aligning yourself with the wrong individuals could have an adverse affect on your reputation.

6.) Be generous but be aware. Be generous with how your share your time and connections but do not over use your power. Your closest networking counterparts put a tremendous amount of trust in you and if you use them too much that is an abuse of the trust and it could damage a relationship.

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Networking Needs Compassion « Recruiterpoet’s Blog.

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Canadians Love Social Networking Sites!

Check out Canadians Say Yes to Social Media for a great blog post about social media in Canada. It’s jam packed with great Canadian statistics like for example this one…

By year’s end, eMarketer estimates that about 15.1 million internet users in Canada will have visited social networking sites at least monthly, up from 13.6 million in 2009.

Just loved this e-marketing graph they inserted that shows the growth of Social Network Users in Canada…

Facebook Usage In Canada

Retailers Need Social Media!

I just read Website Magazine’s What Shoppers Discuss Most on Social Networks which highlights key statistics about the impact of social media — in particular how consumers use social networking sites to: get advice on what to purchase; give advice on companies and products, and whether they post content specific to various industries.

Was interesting to hear that roughly 1/2 of respondents polled:

  • are fans of appliance brands or retailers on Facebook
  • use social networking sites to seek advice on electronics purchases
  • discuss apparel on social networking sites to compare prices
  • follow automotive brands or retailers on Twitter

Are your customers stalking you?  How does your company rate?

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HootSuite releases Team Collaboration Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Social Media platforms

These Team Collaboration tools are specifically designed for collective message publishing and conversation monitoring by groups. This will allow enterprises and agencies to coordinate their efforts with colleagues and clients without sacrificing control over valuable account info or compromising the timeliness of messaging.

Business and organizations can now assemble specific Teams to manage accounts, topics or projects. Plus, anyone can add their own social networking accounts without an administrator, adding even more flexibility.

Users can also save keystrokes with the highly-requested “Reply to All” option, and can spread messages auto-magically with streamlined adding of RSS feeds to any social network.

via HootSuite releases Team Collaboration Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Social Media platforms | HootSuite blog – Social Media Dashboard.

Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking

It has always been possible, of course, for employers to look at what their workers are posting on social media. Automating the process makes it more likely that monitoring will become commonplace, say both those who approve and those who disapprove.

via Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com.

The Next Big Thing

David Drane

David Drane is a writer for CREATIVE LIFE LINE, an inspirational speaker and story teller. For more information about David and CREATIVE LIFE LINE, go to his web site at www.drane.ca.

What would you say if I told you that you have in your possession right now, the piece of the puzzle that will move your business into its next growth phase?

That’s right. Almost every one of us has the key to our own success. We just don’t recognize it.

We get so wrapped up looking at the new technology, the latest trend in networking, a better web site, improved brochures and a myriad of other things. But what do you have, what do I have that will help my bank account catch up with my success?

Here it is. You’ve heard it before and you probably haven’t really acted on it yet.

What ever the mind believes, the person can do.

When you really believe it, you will achieve it.

Unfortunately, really believing might be the tough part. It takes about a month for the mind to accept a new habit. Make your success a new habit. After your mind accepts it, the rest of you will do what is necessary to catch up.

Here are the steps to convince your mind of what ever it is you want it to believe.

  1. Decide in specific terms what it is that you want.
  2. Write it down in specific terms in the present tense. Write it as if it is all ready accomplished.
  3. Put your written statement some place where you will see it every day.
  4. At least twice a day, preferably more often, read the statement out loud. If you miss a day, you will need to start over. (That’s not my rule. That’s your mind’s rule.)
  5. If anyone does or says anything to cast doubt on your statement, turn them off and go read your statement out loud.

If you follow these five easy steps, you will be amazed at the results.

I believe it was Samuel Clemens who said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

And I don’t recall who it was who said, “Use it or lose it.”

So now you have the next big thing. Use it and grow.

David Drane is a writer for CREATIVE LIFE LINE, an inspirational speaker and story teller. For more information about David and CREATIVE LIFE LINE, go to his web site at www.drane.ca.