Need a fresh perspective?

To get untangled from a web of uncertainty, sometimes all you need is to talk to someone else and get a second opinion. Gaining a fresh perspective by seeking anothers point of view can work wonders to solve problems, create hope, and calm a worried mind. But be careful–while there are many benefits, asking for help can be a little tricky.

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When’s the best time to post to social media platforms?

When’s the best time to post to social media platforms to ensure your content is most seen? URL shortening service Bitly has crunched some new numbers. Success on Twitter and Facebook means posting in the early afternoons, while Tumblr likes the night life.

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I support the international effort to arrest Joseph Kony, disarm the LRA, and bring the child soldiers home. RT if you support



Joseph Kony is known as the World’s Worst War Criminal. But no one knows that. Yet.

For 26 years, Kony has been abducting children and turning them into child soldiers and/or sex slaves. He is listed as #1 on the ICC’s ‘World’s Worst War Criminals’, and late last year the US government deployed 100 military advisors on a ‘time-limited’ mission to help the Ugandan army track him down. IF KONY ISN’T CAPTURED THIS YEAR, THEY WON’T GET ANOTHER CHANCE.

We need to make Kony so famous he becomes a household name. We need to let the US government know that this MATTERS to us, and that it’s a worthwhile cause. Stop at nothing.

On April 20th 2012, the USA and other countries around the world are joining Invisible Children http://( to make Kony famous by putting up red KONY 2012 posters, wearing red KONY 2012 tshirts and stickers. Our goal is to cover the night on 20th April with KONY’s name on a sea of red, document this action, and send it to Invisible Children so the world will see that we are demanding justice.

Don’t forget to pledge online at If you want, you can order an Action Kit (

Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.


How, When & Where People Share Content

Search Engine Land Infographics writes…

Today being Wednesday, the odds are better than any other day you’ll share this post with someone else. Or so say the stats from social sharing service AddThis, one of several it compiled into an infographic…


Other interesting stats?

  • People tend to share the most around 9:30 Eastern Time so we cunningly timed this post for just before that peak moment, 75% of clicks on a share will happen within the first day that the content is shared
  • Most users click within 2 minutes of a share
  • Copy-and-paste to share can be used up to 10 times more than those social sharing buttons out there

13 Mind-Bending Social Media Marketing Statistics

Many of us know that social media marketing is an important part of a solid inbound marketing strategy. However, sometimes we need some backup when speaking with others who might still be struggling to understand how social media fits into the overall marketing mix. This post is for them — and you. Even if you are a veteran inbound marketer, these stats will get the gears in your head turning about the still limitless possibilities that the internet provides.

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Infographic: The ROI of Social Media

Is social media marketing effective? That’s the question being asked as more and more businesses are investing in increasing amounts of social media marketing.  With no standard means of measurement, there’s a wide variety of goals and metrics used to define the ROI of social strategies. Fortunately, this enlightening infographic, developed by MDG Advertising, helps clear up the confusion by outlining the objectives, benefits and factors that affect the success of social media marketing.

Infographic: The ROI of Social Media
Infographic by MDG Advertising

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