Ning Eliminating Free Service!

It is with regret that I must share Ning’s intention to phase out their free offering. They have announced that all network creators will receive a letter in July giving Ning network owners 30 days to convert their communities into one of three paid packages ($2.95-49.95/month) completely changing the offerings/pricing structure they marketed to us originally.  Am I reading this right????

In their announcement, they say…

Our shift to a paid service model will enable us to focus to a greater degree on enhancing the features, performance and services we offer to our paying Network Creators. You’ll immediately see greater control over your network branding, design and member experience.

Shame on you NING!  In as much as I’d planned on upgrading the two NING networks I have not done so far, I do NOT like dealing with companies who change the rules to suit them or having my hands forced. I will not be promoting you moving forward!

What do you think of their approach?  Will you continue using Ning or look for another solution?  Please click on the link and tell me what you’re thinking!

HootSuite releases Team Collaboration Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Social Media platforms

These Team Collaboration tools are specifically designed for collective message publishing and conversation monitoring by groups. This will allow enterprises and agencies to coordinate their efforts with colleagues and clients without sacrificing control over valuable account info or compromising the timeliness of messaging.

Business and organizations can now assemble specific Teams to manage accounts, topics or projects. Plus, anyone can add their own social networking accounts without an administrator, adding even more flexibility.

Users can also save keystrokes with the highly-requested “Reply to All” option, and can spread messages auto-magically with streamlined adding of RSS feeds to any social network.

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Do you know any women leaders or poets?

A CELEBRATION OF WOMEN is an international HUB for Women Leaders and their Students. A Celebration of Women not only promotes Women Leaders, it is designed to reach more women that will connect with these leaders, taking the help of these teachers and growing within their own communities….PAY IT FORWARD philosophy…

CALLING All Women Leaders to SEND IN “Bio” through:

CALLING All Women Poets to SEND ENTRIES through:
WOMEN of PROSE page.

Please share this with any women leaders or poets you know.

Attention Coaches, Consultants & Copywriters!

michel-neray1Consider becoming a Certified Consoachant and help your clients double, triple or even quadruple sales results!   The Essential Message Certification Program was designed by Michel Neray (pictured inset) to help coaches, consultants and copywriters discover brilliance and help them build a viable business around it. 

Sound interesting?  Hurry!  As at time of writing there were only two spots left for the next session which starts January 7th. 

Click here to find out more!

HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI

Companies and executives are finally beginning to really jump on the social media bandwagon, and that’s fantastic. However, for social media to fully work for everyone, businesses and brands need to be able to evaluate the impact their social media use is having, both positive and negative. Measuring social media ROI isn’t impossible, but it can be difficult because many of the pieces that need to be evaluated are difficult to track. This guide is designed to help you track down those pieces and determine the ROI you’re getting on social media.

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15 Tools to Help Manage Your Social Networking Profiles More Efficiently |’s Collaboration Blog

In order to keep up with your ever-growing Twitter following and growth of friends and business associates across all of your other Social networking sites, you must utilize some of the vast online social networking tools available at your disposal. Most social networking tools that are designed to streamline the organization and management of your online profiles are very inexpensive or free to use, so it’s one of the best values available to social networking addicts and social media professionals alike

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