10 Ways You Can Managing Your Social Media Profile More Effectively

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  1. BRAND -┬áDecide on a brand and use it consistently on the web and in your social media spaces so it’s easy for you and your target audience to remember.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA EMAIL ADDRESS – so when you go on holidays manning the social media storefront can be delegated, and so you can filter it into a special email folder, so you can look only once per day. Perhaps a gmail account as you’ll need one to
  3. BLOGS / RSS NEWS FEEDS — so social media spaces can automatically syndicate it.
  5. PROFILE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – to watch your pages, those you manage and your competitors
  6. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN — what do your customers want? what will they share?
  7. RESOURCES – what do you have now, what is available for free on the net
  8. ALLIANCES – who do you know, win/wins?
  9. EDUCATE YOURSELF – fast track your success and avoid fatal errors.
  10. GOOGLE ALERTS & ANALYTICS — on your website so you can identify what works and repeat it, as well as what does not, so you can eliminate it and focus on true success

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