ONLINE POWER is about being known, being seen, being followed, being read across digital platforms. This helps you build authority, respect, and increase awareness about you and what you’re selling.

online power


online powerI’m passionate about helping people get ONLINE POWER and since I first discovered the Internet in 1993 I’ve been doing just that on a one-to-one basis.

Earlier this year I launched ONLINE POWER COACHING, an eight week online group coaching offering that guarantees ROI (return on investment) and provides:

  • 2 hours personal coaching
  • 8 hours group coaching
  • 8 hours of networking
  • exclusivity (one person per business category)
  • facebook support group

Today I’m pleased to officially announce ONLINE POWER GROUP, a free facebook group designed to provide quick tidbits that will help you increase your digital marketing investment, brand awareness, authority, inbound traffic to your website and improved search engine ranking, web conversion and customer service & brand loyalty

It’s free and professionally moderated, so although you could join and turn off the volume and just check back from time to time, you’re safe to keep notifications on.


In a hurry? Prefer one-to-one support?

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