Sue Sutcliffe: making digital marketing profitable since 1995. Sue loves BOOSTING online sales & impact and spends much of her time creating engaging and interactive ONLINE EVENT experiences.

Sue Sutcliffe -- Professional Photo

Sue Sutcliffe: making digital marketing profitable since 1995.


Sue Sutcliffe owns and operates a virtual event venue called World Event Center that gathers people online like never before! Sue loves PRODUCING ONLINE EVENTS so engaging, attendees stay until the end, and come back for more.


Sue Sutcliffe is a sought-after digital marketing trainer who’s witty, passionate and down-to-earth manner has propelled thousands of marketers, salespeople and business owners to embrace their online power, grow their networks & drive leads.

Sue Sutcliffe's technology journey

Cutting her teeth in traditional marketing thirty-five years ago, Sue was one of the first to recognize how lucrative digital marketing can be.


Determined to enhance the relationship-building aspects of the Internet, she delved into the world of code, website building, search engine optimization and apps long before anyone had even heard about Facebook or Twitter.


This launched her twenty-five year career as the Web Coach and the Marketing Maven. Honoured by these monikers, Sue is happy that her scorecard of firsts – and her focus on all-things-digital – has added her actual name to the shortlist of experts called by CEO’s when they want to monetize the Internet.


How has she made it onto that coveted hotlist? She has quantifiable success in working with business owners and sales teams to increase sales, grow engaged customer bases and improve cash flow.


As a pioneer in her industry and a leader in the business community, Sue is a sought-after digital marketing trainer whose witty, passionate and down-to-earth manner has propelled thousands of marketers, salespeople and business owners to embrace their online power, grow their networks, and drive leads.


Sue’s specialty keynotes and courses include: What Makes People Click? Keep Yourself and Your Company Relevant. Online Power: Optimize Yourself, Grow Your Business and Your Network. Shore Up Your Core: The Eight Building Blocks of Business.


  • One of the first 10 website designers in Canada.
  • The first to create a certified secure and safe online shopping mall in Canada.
  • A front-runner who created the Ontario college curriculum that trained many of today’s top marketing and advertising executives.
  • Advocated for safe Internet use and worked to advance Canada’s digital landscape.
  • When companies were incurring costs from their Internet strategies, Sue was spurring businesses forward with profitable digital marketing campaigns, online stores, and community building campaigns.
  • Spoken at hundreds of conferences here at home and internationally. At each event, she reinforced proven digital marketing and social media practices to drive business owners and executives to use the Internet to generate sales and improve cash flow.

Penny Judge   
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I heard about Sue long before we met and since meeting her a few years ago, I witnessed all of the fabulous things I heard. Sue's company helped me out with my business website and social media strategy. That was so helpful but what impressed me even more is Sue's commitment to the community through the social responsibility of her company. Her giving program... (perhaps it's more of a movement than just a program) has provided the not for profit sector the same tools that she provides to business but at cost. Even more impressive is her new sharing program so if a business purchases a workshop one will be given to a charity or not for profit free! Thanks to Sue for all she does and providing a much needed service!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Key Skills

    29 years consultative sales, from finding clients, to securing deals, after-sales service and managing customer complaints
    Engaging speaker, workshop facilitator, conference speaker and one-to-one digital marketing/business coaching
    Great listener that loves helping people create win/win solutions and believes there is no mountain that cannot be scaled
    Assisted 1000s of clients, in various sectors, ranging from public to private to not-for-profit, develop and execute strategic plans to boost sales and impact and ultimately their digital marketing ROI
    Strategic planning, prioritizing and coordinating multiple projects, stakeholders, timelines and budgets
    Extensive account management experience, helping, leading, collaborating, and developing strong long-term relationships and effective partnerships

Tech Stack

  • COLLABORATION — Slack, Trello
  • EMAIL — Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Mailchimp, Constant Contact
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN — Photoshop, Indesign, Adobe Spark/Canva
  • PRESENTATION — Powerpoint/Slides
  • CRM — Hubspot, Salesforce, Teamwork
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING — Buffer, Google Analytics, Hootsuite
  • OFFICE — Microsoft Office. GSuite
  • VIDEO — Adobe Premier, Camtasia, GotoMeeting, YouTube, Zoom, Skype
  • WEBSITES — WordPress, W3C, HTML, CSS, SEO, SEM, Analytic



  • Palette Skills Tech Sales Training
  • B.A.N.K. Fundamentals – Sales
  • B.A.N.K. Speed Coding
  • Verbal Aikido: Pure Communications Mastery
  • Customer Service: Front Line Solutions
  • Multimedia/Web Design and Development
  • Moving to a Million Sales Training
    Customer Service: Front Line Solutions


  • Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Weekend”
  • Self Employment Business Program
  • Administrative Practices
  • Organizational Development Program
  • Management Development Program