Sue Sutcliffe: making digital marketing profitable since 1995

Making digital marketing profitable since 1995

Sue Sutcliffe helps Business Owners and CEOs dominate the digital, from websites and social media, to virtual events and training.


Together with various website teams, Sue has planned, created, executed, promoted and managed 1000s of marketing plans that included websites for government, businesses and the not for profit sectors.

Domain Names
Website Creation
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Social Media

Sue and her team have planned, created, executed and managed 1000s of marketing plans for business, government and the not for profit sectors.

Digital Training

Sue Sutcliffe is a sought-after digital marketing and technology trainer who’s witty, passionate and down-to-earth manner has propelled thousands of business owners and CEOs to embrace their online power.

Website Training
Social Media Training
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Digital Events

Sue and her team at World Event Center partners with event facilitators and planners around the globe, to plan, promote and produce stress-free virtual and hybrid events.

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Sue Sutcliffe's technology journey

Sue’s clients in the business, government and the not for profit sectors say it best.

Penny Judge   
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I heard about Sue long before we met and since meeting her a few years ago, I witnessed all of the fabulous things I heard. Sue's company helped me out with my business website and social media strategy. That was so helpful but what impressed me even more is Sue's commitment to the community through the social responsibility of her company. Her giving program... (perhaps it's more of a movement than just a program) has provided the not for profit sector the same tools that she provides to business but at cost. Even more impressive is her new sharing program so if a business purchases a workshop one will be given to a charity or not for profit free! Thanks to Sue for all she does and providing a much needed service!