An Artful Life begins with being happy on the inside… smile at yourself right now, you deserve it!

Inspiration and ideas: on the way to an artful life… and everyone can have an artful life regardless of vocation! 

An Artful Life begins with being happy on the inside… smile at yourself right now, you deserve it!

The 60 Second Pick me up
Go to your Happy Place:

Everyone should find a happy place in their heart that they can go to whenever they want to.  Try this:

  • Think of a time when you felt really happy, when you laughed a lot.
  • Make an image of this in your mind.
  • Think of the sounds that were there at the time. Remember them.
  • Think of a picture that makes you think happy thoughts.
  • Think of a feeling that makes you happy.
  • Smile and remember this moment.
  • Give yourself a mental hug.

Ok that’s it. Now doesn’t that give you a lift? You can do that whenever you like and be in your very own Happy Place.

Being happy is something you decide to be.

If you are happy
You will be healthier,
You will be a joy to be around,
You will work more joyfully,
You will overcome obstacles more easily,
You will be wealthy.
Especially in all the things you can’t buy with money,

Money is attracted to happiness, so cultivate it.
You will live longer,
And you will be happy!

Just because something may seem to be disturbing you in any given moment you can bounce back sooner, if you concentrate on being happy most of the time. These things won’t take the lasting, ‘happiness’ out of you. . If you have had a ‘bad’ day, before you go to sleep, tell yourself that you will let that go … and that you decide to wake up happy, It really works!

It is ok, to be sad about something momentarily; but, underlying any given moment, you can decide to be a happy person!

Your inner smile: The Happiness Mantra:

  • I am Happy to be me. I am special, worthy and good. I like me!
  • I am a happy person, momentary circumstances cannot change that.
  • I unfold moment by moment from a great source of happiness.
  • I am, I am, I am Happy!

Inspiration and photo printed with permission of Trina Astor-Stewart.

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