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How to Write a Poem with ChatGPT

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I used the following chat prompt to ask ChatGPT to help me write a poem about abundance….

Please write a series of short poems that capture the essence of a particular emotion or state of mind, such as abundance. Use vivid imagery and figurative language to convey the nuances and complexities of human experience.

and here is what ChatGPT gave me:

A sea of golden wheat sways,
A bountiful feast to the eye,
A field of life and growth,
Abundance, with no need to try.
~Sue Sutcliffe
Nature’s endless giving hand,
A cornucopia of riches untold,
A wellspring of sustenance,
Abundance, a treasure to behold.
~Sue Sutcliffe
A heart overflowing with love,
A spirit rich in generosity,
A life brimming with blessings,
Abundance, a joyful intensity.
~Sue Sutcliffe
Abundance, a state of plenty,
A gift that can never be bought,
A feeling of pure contentment,
Gratefulness, the lesson taught.
~Sue Sutcliffe

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One thought on “ChatGPT writes POEMS”

  1. Blue skies and daisies sway
    and with each mile,
    my problems fade in the wake.

    I rise my face to the sun,
    breath in the peace
    and know I am blessed.

    I have everything I need.
    No need to try.

    ~Sue Sutcliffe

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