I will never understand, but I stand with my Black Brothers and Sisters! #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives MatterOn May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while being arrested for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. One officer kneeled on his throat, while two others and a crowd of people looked on, and shortly after his last words “I Can’t Breath” he took his last.

Something changed in me that moment, and I started looking at what I thought was a US thing but totally is not according to the research I did. Systematic racism is rampant in Canada too, and although I will never understand, I stand with my Black Brothers and Sisters! #BlackLivesMatter and we need to take a stand against systematic-racism.

I support and sponsor a monthly meeting monthly series organized by Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region called Listening Circles of Inclusion — to end systematic-racism and I invite you to join me.