Are you living your life by design?

Business Tips To Help Your Business Breakthru #BusinessBreakthru

Once upon a time a friend phoned up offering me a complimentary session on creating a business plan. I was honoured of course, and love learning, but my business plan was done so I declined. They explained sales had not been great, and speaker wanted to go ahead but they feared it would be awkward and since I had an amazing way of filling a room — which I took as a compliment, and then called in a favour, so of course, I agreed.

There were additional no shows and was a great thing I did go as there was only two other people who attended AND I learned something that changed my life for ever, and that was how to live life by design and plan INTO my business plan what I wanted to have in my life. For example, he wanted to please his wife who said he worked too hard, and wanted to go to Paris, so he planned marketing his offering to Paris, so he could build in value for his wife into his business plan AND write off the expense.

Smart right?