Why you need to tell your authentic story

Sue Sutcliffe -- Professional Photo

Sharing this wonderful reminder posted by my colleague Connie Cay-Santos that we must be #humanfirst . It’s a great reminder that these are unprecedented times filled with uncertainty, and we all must do our best to #leadwithlove — especially with ourselves — and practice #empathy.

I commend Connie for being brave and sharing her story #authentically. Like many, my post-pandemic journey has at times unbearably hard, and I’ve refrained from telling my story, because I told myself there are so many who have it worse. Who needs to hear my problems. But thanks to Connie, I am starting to see this differently.

Besides inspiring others to brave it and show up imperfectly which is empowering on it’s own, telling our #authentic story forces us to clarify exactly where we are and what we need, which provides our sphere of influence along with opportunities to help, and the gift of giving might just be the best part of their day.

Thank you Connie. Tonight before I shut my eyes I am going to write my story and if I’m brave enough, I will share it on social media for those who wish to listen tomorrow in hopes my story will inspire others and turn the ripple you created into a wave.

Stay great my friend.