Black Friday Special

Black Friday is upon us, and though most Canadians may not be enjoying a second Thanksgiving dinner, we’re always happy to take advantage of the sales! This year, we’ve got something extra special for you. AWEBthatWORKS has always touted the advantage of having a branded email address, so we’re going to give you a whopping … Continue reading “Black Friday Special”

Chevy The Border Collie

Happy #InternationalDogDay ❤ #ChevyTheBorderCollie 🐾 August 26th

View this post on Instagram Happy #internationaldogday #ChevyTheBorderCollie #bordercollie #bordercollies #bordercolliesofinstagram #chevy the #dog #dogs are the best! A post shared by SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@suesutcliffe) on Apr 11, 2017 at 6:25pm PDT Want more #chevythebordercollie? Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube #NanaNance #Gman & Chevy’s Fur-Family BorderCollie Addict Hashtags #ChevyTheBorderCollie 🐾 #chevythebordercollie #officepups #officedogs #dogsofinstagram #dogs … Continue reading “Happy #InternationalDogDay ❤ #ChevyTheBorderCollie 🐾 August 26th”

YouTube Blog: Give YouTube Topics on Search a whirl

When you search — for example, let’s say for “obama” — we suggest other related topics tied to videos that you might want to explore, such as “michelle obama” or “john mccain.” You can click to get to videos on these topics or you can find videos that contain both topics by clicking on the … Continue reading “YouTube Blog: Give YouTube Topics on Search a whirl”

🏡🍽🍁🍗🍂🌰🌽🍴🦃 Thanksgiving 🦃🍴🌽🌰🍂🍗🍁🍽🏡

#thanksgiving #love #thankful #thanks #food #family #instagood #friends #blessed #turkey #happythanksgiving #christmas #holiday #foodporn #photooftheday #grateful #blackfriday #fun #thanksgivingdinner #fall #turkeyday #life #stuffing #like #giving #celebrate #bhfyp #gratitude #feast #bhfyp #givethanks #thanksgivingday #follow #happy #holidays #thankyou #halloween #photography #thanksgivingdecor #music #foodie #happiness #art #smile #homemade #autumn #familytime #tiktok #likeforlikes #jesus #thanksgivingbreak #followforfollowback #thanksgod #thanksgivingprep #handmade … Continue reading “🏡🍽🍁🍗🍂🌰🌽🍴🦃 Thanksgiving 🦃🍴🌽🌰🍂🍗🍁🍽🏡”

social media clock

Buyers’ Guide to Social Media Management Tools

There are a plethora of Social Media Management Tools on the market today, but which one is right for you? The answer varies depending on so many factors, and the best way to decide what you require and review the functionalities in existing tools. Ian Anderson Gray, founder of Seriously Social, just released a complete … Continue reading “Buyers’ Guide to Social Media Management Tools”

Website Wednesdays

Does every business require a website?

A2Every business needs a website!@ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/BIbKHv8Dif pic.twitter.com/jQJcYg62JR — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020

website marketing

What questions should entrepreneurs ask when building their website? List them below!

A3When building a website ask:-WHO am I talking to-WHAT do they want (all stages of buyers journey)-WHERE do they look when they have a problem, are looking for solutions or ready to buy-WHY should they choose you?-HOW will you engage them.@ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/VmEBsEekWX — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020

website marketing

What is the importance of a value proposition to a website?

A4An effective website needs to clearly and succinctly communicate your value proposition — without scrolling or clicking — to reinforce to your ideal target that they are in the right space right now!@ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/zNt2ZakRje — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020


What are some of the tools and technologies you’d recommend to young entrepreneurs to help build their websites?

A5@WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management Software) for most websites, is what the professionals use, and powers 66% of the websites today. @ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/g0ItOHTPwM — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020

website marketing

What are some of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when building a website?

A6The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make when creating a website is doing it themselves. Although I teach people to create their own website, it is a specialty & area where expertise adds so much, even for professionals. Even authors have editors.@ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/5zkUdtlKa1 — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020

You cannot improve what you do not measure.

How do you manage and keep track of what goes on your website 24/7?

A7Anyone can create their own website today but when budget allows, it’s always best to hire a professional, and ideally a professional who aligns with other professionals because the days of one person knowing it all are long gone. @ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/jrmbft1655 — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020

Website Wednesdays

Have you seen any stellar examples of a business website?

A9You don’t have to go far for stellar examples of great business websites… @Google @Amazon @eBay @YouTube @Twitter @EltonJohn (he does everything well) and I’d like to say mine, but you know the story about the cobber’s kids shoes 🙁@ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/zp7IaxB36H — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) September 30, 2020


What security solutions should you consider for a website?

A10#cybercrime is on the rise and security a major factor for users of website & a Google ranking factor. As such it’s critical to ensure your website is secured by a certificate and if you’re not sure how to choose a good one, ask your hosting company. @ciranews #startupchats https://t.co/hs21ZRG5Xx — SUE SUTCLIFFE 🇨🇦 (@SueSutcliffe) … Continue reading “What security solutions should you consider for a website?”

Digital Marketing

What Book Are You Reading on “National Read A Book Day” on September 6th? #ReadABookDay

Need some inspiration? The 25 most influential books ever written about business Amazon Best Sellers in Business & Money New York Times Best Sellers: Business Penguin Random House Best Sellers: Business 34 Business Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

32 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organizations at advanced stages of digital transformation will find that poor customer experience is their biggest barrier to further success.” We must implement customer loyal strategies be customer-centric in our digital business. Keep in touch in various ways to communicate with your customers Use a CRM for loyalty management to keep … Continue reading “32 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention”

Outstanding Business of the Year 1997


Awards are a great way to build authority, so I created this post to capture those awards I hear of like this one… CanadianSME National Business Awards Where else can we win awards? Please add your name to the comments below: With suggestions of other awards Canadian business owners could enter To find out when … Continue reading “AWARD MARKETING”