Sue Sutcliffe: Honours, Awards, Achievements & Case Studies

Outstanding Business of the Year 1997


Sue is on a mission to make the world around her better, and is proud of the 150+ testimonials she’s received.

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Kelly Melanson

Sue Sutcliffe is a true philanthropist, she puts so much heart into her volunteer work especially with the DHSBA and has done so for years. Her commitment, loyalty and her expertise adds so much value to every board she sits on.

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Penny Judge

I heard about Sue long before we met and since meeting her a few years ago, I witnessed all of the fabulous things I heard. Sue's company helped me out with my business website and social media strategy. That was so helpful but what impressed me even more is Sue's commitment to the community through the social responsibility of her company. Her giving program... (perhaps it's more of a movement than just a program) has provided the not for profit sector the same tools that she provides to business but at cost. Even more impressive is her new sharing program so if a business purchases a workshop one will be given to a charity or not for profit free! Thanks to Sue for all she does and providing a much needed service!

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Karen Hunt

I have had the opportunity of working with Sue Sutcliffe for over the past 10 years. Sue is a most enthusiastic and highly charged individual. Her professionalism and her passion of community involvement has been a huge benefit to Durham Home and Small Business Association. She has given freely of her time and has lead that group to a mature and dynamic level. Durham Region is very fortunate to have someone like Sue who gives so much of herself in assisting and mentoring other business colleagues to lead them on to success!

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Sue was a valuable member to Toronto's Social Media Week team at the 2017 conference. Her enthusiasm, hands-on approach and problem-solving skills made her stand out as a leader. All the best Sue!

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Nick Mawani

Sue is a true gem, an amazing professional and a great contributor to our local community in Durham Region. I am constantly inspired by Sue's tireless efforts to have a positive impact both in business and personally.

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Pam Mansfield

For many years I worked with Sue Sutcliffe as a director of the board at DHSBA. I found her enthusiasm, professionalism and work ethics were a great asset to the DHSBA. Under her presidency the DHSBA grew to the point we had to find a larger venue as we were experiencing 80 to 100 members at a meeting. Sue knew how to reach out to even the newest business. Sponsorship was high and the speakers were extraordinary. All because she inspired us all to be the best we could be. I highly recommend Sue Sutcliffe and her team because of their caring, work ethics, fabulous ideas and knowledge for any position or project.

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Kerri Bouffard

Sue is one fantastic person to work with. I had the pleasure of working alongside Sue on the board of the DHSBA. She is fair, consistent and has outstanding ideas. Sue concerns herself with the benefit of the group and members and not what she has to gain herself. I highly recommend Sue for her honesty and passion in everything she does!