2007 — Shopaware: “Superstar” local business wins first annual ShopAware

Award: Shopaware

“Superstar” local business wins first annual ShopAward
Award: Shopaware

(DURHAM REGION, ON) April, 2007 – The people have spoken and the name on their ballots is aWEBthatWORKS.com. The Durham website design and web-marketing experts took top honours in the first annual ShopAwards, designed to recognize superlative customer service.

President Sue Sutcliffe was thrilled to receive the award. Her Tyrone-based company pioneered website design in Durham, and has been helping organizations market themselves on the Internet since 1993. Customer service has always been her top priority.

The ShopAwards showcase customer-pleasing businesses. They give independent businesses a chance to shine, not just the big chains. aWEBthatWORKS.com received overwhelming kudos from customers in the independent service business category.

“It was almost a no-brainer,” says ShopAware.com president Tiffany St-Germain. “She is so incredibly well-liked in the community. Her customers are saying she does a great job.”

Chains like Chapters Indigo, The Keg and Shoppers Drug Mart also won in their categories, but St-Germain notes, “we have more comments for Sue than anyone else on the website right now. And for a company that isn’t a big multinational company, that’s really impressive.

“She’s a superstar!”

“I’d love to take the credit,” Sutcliffe replies, “but it’s my team who deserves the credit — they’re the superstars!”

The diverse experience Sue Sutcliffe has gained as one of Canada’s digital marketing pioneers, will help your business or brand dominate the digital.
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