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Social Media Socials

How to Do Social Media for Social Good in 2020

  Global Twitter Marketing Expert Keith Keller and I have decided to partner to provide the global business community with an opportunity for information exchange, education and fellowship, on the 4th Wednesday of every month in 2020. Please join us: REGISTRATION IS CLOSED WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2020 | 4-5 PM | ONLINE HOW TO DO … Continue reading “How to Do Social Media for Social Good in 2020”

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Try REMO for free with me…

CLICK HERE TO TRY REMO NOW This is what Remo looks like on my screen tonight… Remo allows you to hold interactive online events, allowing your attendees to connect and learn from each other just like in real life. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it because you can scale … Continue reading “Try REMO for free with me…”

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Just as you wouldn’t introduce yourself to someone new by shoving a business card in someone’s face, personalizing your LinkedIn invitation & explaining your purpose for connecting is only social.

Are you more likely to say “I don’t know” to someone who hasn’t personalized the request?

How to Find Your Business' Purpose

What’s Your Business’ Purpose?

I was honoured to join Startup Canada as advisor during their recent #StartupChats on How to Find Your Business’ Purpose, powered by Sovereign Insurance (@SovInsurance). The event had 26 contributors and 21.1 million impressions. Here are my answers to the questions: Why does every startup need a well-defined purpose? Anyone can get anywhere if they … Continue reading “What’s Your Business’ Purpose?”

WordPress training workshops

Want to Save Time, Money and Do More With WordPress? Want to Get a Website or Blog up Fast?

Build A Website Days are a new website bundle Sue put together for small business owners who want to get a website or blog up quickly. Each Build a Website day include 1-day of training and 1 week of support to ensure even WordPress novices can get a web that works in a week. Get … Continue reading “Want to Save Time, Money and Do More With WordPress? Want to Get a Website or Blog up Fast?”

How to Increase Online Purchases and Lower Your Rate of Abandoned Carts

How to Increase Online Purchases and Lower Your Rate of Abandoned Carts

I was honoured to serve as expert on twitter chat about increasing online purchases and lowering rate of abandoned carts. The event had 20 contributors and 17.05 million impressions. The Wakelet with all answers can be found here or scroll down for my answers to the questions below. How has eCommerce changed the way entrepreneurs … Continue reading “How to Increase Online Purchases and Lower Your Rate of Abandoned Carts”

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What Google learned from Canadian shoppers in 2018

Sarah Bradley’s blog post “Be speedy, be helpful: What we learned from Canadian shoppers in 2018” indicates mobile is essential in making purchase decisions. Here are some of the highlights: 45% of consumer’s online holiday purchases have been made on a smartphone and more than half said they’d used apps 86% of Canadians are shopping … Continue reading “What Google learned from Canadian shoppers in 2018”


SWEARING: I Choose Conversion Over Authencity

I don’t like hearing cuss words online or off and especially when they come out of my mouth because I know it costs me money! I always warn my sales and marketing people against swearing, and talking about other topics people feel strongly about like sex, politics, and religion unless of course, you’re Gary Vaynerchuk … Continue reading “SWEARING: I Choose Conversion Over Authencity”

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Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, and though most Canadians may not be enjoying a second Thanksgiving dinner, we’re always happy to take advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Sunday sales! Did you know that Black Friday is bigger that #boxingday now or that 43% of Canadians surveyed plan to purchase items today?

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16 A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing is a method used to compare two versions of a web page or app to discover which performs best. A/B testing has long been done by advertising experts on a mission to achieve ultimate conversion. Here are some of the most popular A/B testing tools: AB Tasty Convert Crazy Egg Evergage Freshmarketer Google … Continue reading “16 A/B Testing Tools”