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I am a social entrepreneur

I am a social entrepreneur which according to The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation means… A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change (a social venture). that measures quadrupal bottom (or fourth bottom) line, which according to wikipedia means… … Continue reading “I am a social entrepreneur”

What’s the future of virtual events now that things are opening up?

World Event Center

Things in Toronto, Ontario, Canada are opening up back, although some areas — especially the west — are still a hot mess. With that said, we’re all changed for ever and although there are tons of studies, there is no doubt we are in unchartered territory, but I will share my opinion. I am seeing … Continue reading “What’s the future of virtual events now that things are opening up?”

👻🎃👽 October Holidays & Special Days 👻🎃👽

What's your favourite Hallowe'en Trick or Treat?

Looking for inspiration for your social media posts? Here are some Holidays and Special Days you may want to write about: Here are some other days you may want to put in your calendar: DHSBA: Your Virtual Trade Show Build A Website Day #OnlinePower Coaching World Event Center Demonstrations If your business was crushed by … Continue reading “👻🎃👽 October Holidays & Special Days 👻🎃👽” — The source for LIVE events and gatherings in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada


The domain name DURHAMLIVE.COM was registered with the intent of connecting people living in Durham Region (Ontario) to live social events and gatherings. Personally moderated by Sue Sutcliffe, the Facebook group has grown consistently and is a great place to share and learn about live events in Durham Region. AJAX | BROCK | CLARINGTON | … Continue reading “ — The source for LIVE events and gatherings in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada”



Follow @SueSutcliffe In December 2009, Twitter experienced an explosion of popularity and over 1000% growth in only a year! And the star is still rising, with over over 100 million users and another 300 thousand signing up daily, who collectively tweet an average of 55 million messages every day. How can you get your piece … Continue reading “Twitter”

Association for Media Literacy with Carol Arcus & Neil Andersen)

The Business of Digital Marketing – What are it’s Challenges and Advantages? Welcome to Mediacy, the Association for Media Literacy Podcast in which Neil Anderson and Carol Arcus try to make sense of our mediated world. You will recall a couple of episodes ago we had a great conversation with nina silver about her online … Continue reading “”