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Does Your Website Suck?

If your website is not getting the results you want, chances are your website is not secure, mobile-friendly, accessible, responsive, fast-loading or fully optimized. Find out what’s holding you back! FREE WHITEPAPER 11 Easy Website Tests You Can Do Yourself


Were you affected by LinkedIn’s December 13-15 glitch?

Between December 13 – 15, LinkedIn experienced an unexpected issue on some profile pages that caused a small number of our members to interact with a different member than they intended. During this time period your: Connection Follow Kudos Recommendations may have been attributed to the incorrect profile, so they suggest we: Resend connection or … Continue reading “Were you affected by LinkedIn’s December 13-15 glitch?”


Looking Back on 2018 #StartupChats

I had the pleasure of joining Startup Canada and Mastercard for #StartupChats on Twitter hosted by Kylie Woods along with Julie Guyard, Alex Putici, Rebecca Perrin, Rachel Foster, Gabriel Nwatarali, Danielle Torrie, Rob Balasabas, Kristi Soomer, Johnny Yoo, Karla Briones, Patti Pokorchak, Mark Evans, Catherine Lee-Hannley, Erin Blaskie and Travis Richards. How would you answer … Continue reading “Looking Back on 2018 #StartupChats”


Giving People New Ways to Commemorate Moments on Facebook

Facebook announced they are “Giving People New Ways to Commemorate Moments” on their blog yesterday. What’ does this announcement mean to you? Life Events will be featured more prominently and include the option to add animated photos and videos — either your own, photos from the people or Pages you’ve tagged in the post, or … Continue reading “Giving People New Ways to Commemorate Moments on Facebook”