Trainer Jane Warr

4 Powerful Sales Affirmations Inspired by Trainer Jane Warr’s BankCode Presentation

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a 2-day training session with Trainer Jane Warr learning B.A.N.K.code which inspired the following sales affirmations… I get more prospects I create larger deals I convert more sales I close sales faster I created them by adding one word “I” in front of Bank Code promises, so … Continue reading “4 Powerful Sales Affirmations Inspired by Trainer Jane Warr’s BankCode Presentation”

Video Marketing Summit

Increase Your Influence, Visibility & Sales with Video Marketing (August 5-9, 2019) Online

If you want to deliver meaningful impact to the bottom line of your business, you need training on creating videos that sell. At Video Marketing Summit, you’ll get access to the world’s leading video pros who will show you how to master video marketing. Are you wondering how to increase your visibility, influence, and sales? … Continue reading “Increase Your Influence, Visibility & Sales with Video Marketing (August 5-9, 2019) Online”

LinkedIn logo


LinkedIn media sizes every Canadian marketer needs to know LINKEDIN PROFILE MEDIA Profile photo: 400 x 400 pixels Background: 1584(w)  x  396(h) pixels Update image (no link): 552(w) x 276p(h) pixels Update image (with link): 552(w) x 289(h) pixels Article Cover: 744(w) x 400(h) pixels LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE MEDIA Logo: 300(w) x 300(h) pixels Cover: … Continue reading “LINKEDIN MEDIA CHEAT SHEET (2019)”

Understanding your Competition (and why competition is healthy)

Understanding your Competition and Why Competition is Healthy!

Competition is healthy for businesses, innovation, and growth. Knowing your competition, and what they are offering, can help you to make your products, services, and marketing stand out. It will enable you to set your prices competitively and help you to respond to rival marketing campaigns with your initiatives. I had the honour of serving … Continue reading “Understanding your Competition and Why Competition is Healthy!”

Sales Mastery

How Does Your Handshake Rate?

Shaking hands is a globally accepted tradition in business and key to making a great first impressions and often the beginning of a relationship, however how you shake hands is often a deal breaker. What makes a good handshake? Here are handshaking best practices: Make eye contact Smile Offer a Greeting Extend your right hand … Continue reading “How Does Your Handshake Rate?”


Marketing Research Tools

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Michael Corleone Free Marketing Research Tools & Resources Google Alerts Visual Ping Want More Marketing Research Tools Government of Canada’s Guide to market research and analysis 9 Market Research Tools that Evey Analyst Should Explore 6 Free Keyword Tools Every Canadian Marketer Needs To Know The Best … Continue reading “Marketing Research Tools”

Canada Flag

What We Heard Report (57 page report)

The Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and the Minister of Canadian Heritage tasked a panel with reviewing Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunications legislative framework in 2018. The Panel undertook an extensive outreach and engagement process to hear what Canadians had to say and published the 57 page report — “What We Heard Report” which … Continue reading “What We Heard Report (57 page report)”


Google End of Life Planning, because you can’t take it with you!

Think about all the photos you have stored that your family and friends would like to have — or personal account information that your beneficiary will need to know about in the event of your death. There may be important files that you have stored on your Google Drive that someone will need access to. … Continue reading “Google End of Life Planning, because you can’t take it with you!”


YouTube Works Awards: Entries open for 2019

YouTube looking for videos which have strategically and effectively leveraged YouTube to achieve a clear business impact. Best Brand Campaign Best Response-Driven Campaign Best Full-funnel Campaign Best Organic Campaign Small Budget, Big Results Best Integrated Media Campaign Best Creative Effectiveness Click here to read more about YouTube Awards

Canva Hacked!

Time to change your Canva Password!

Canva is an easy-to-use, graphic design web & mobile app that has gained popularity with non-designers and professionals alike. On May 24, 2019 Canva was hacked and your (cryptographically protected) password and partial credit card information may have been compromised. 3 Things you need to do! Change your password immediately on Canva Change your password … Continue reading “Time to change your Canva Password!”