[VIDEO] Are You Branding Your Facebook Email?

(Viewing time: 1 minute, 56 seconds)

Since the Victorian era, people have been writing, typing and mailing communication on letterhead. Letterhead that was carefully designed to not only provide the writer with lots of room for the content, but also to ensure that key information and proper branding was communicated.

It wasn’t long after email was introduced that people started designing and appending all outgoing email messages with email signatures with that same text. And, as technology progressed, some designed and utilized stylized email stationery that mimicked their traditional letterhead.

Although Facebook does not yet allow you to automatically append your correspondence with key information, it does allow you to paste in a URL when sending a Facebook email, so why not paste in the URL of your Facebook fan page? Not only will this increase the ‘likes’ your fan page receives and thus your reach, you’re also providing one-click access to your key marketing information.

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