Build A Website In A Day (Friday, Nov.9, 2018) Oshawa

Lear how to build your own website or blog

Get a website up and running fast!
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Build a Website in a Day is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn everything they need to know to build and update their own website or blog in a day.


  • The 5 Essential Ingredients of Any Successful Website Marketing Campaign
  • 10 Cardinal Sins of Website Design
  • How to Build a Website and Blog with WordPress


  • Add, edit and delete web pages and blog posts
  • Add text, images, videos and formatting
  • Choose, install and customize WordPress themes that suit your brand
  • Choose, install and customize WordPress widgets and plugins that provide additional functionality
  • Best practices for website management


Friday, Nov.9, 2018
Oshawa | $500



Step 1: Register for this training.

Step 2: Check your inbox for instructions about how to prepare to get maximum results.

Step 3: Attend “Build A Website in a Day”

Step 4: Finess your website

Step 5: Manage & Promote your own website.

    Yes. Sue includes one week of email support
    Sue Sutcliffe would be happy to discuss this with you.
    Please bring any graphics or text you have prepared.
    Yes. People who bring the above can finish in class time, but it’s more often that people spend time within 24-48 hours after the training day to applying what they’ve learned and finessing their website.


Domain name and hosting is NOT included, but Sue is happy to get this setup for you for $15/month (including tax) including:

  • Domain name e.g.
  • 10 Branded email addresses e.g.
  • WordPress Software setup & optimization

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Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job leading the Social Media Workshops for our Durham Tourism / Brock Economic Development stakeholders last week. Kristyn and I have had so many positive responses. We really appreciate the wonderful work that you always do in our community. You are a true leader. Looking forward to continued work with you in the future!

Kerri King, The Regional Municipality of Durham   
Author Picture

I recently had the opportunity to attend a 3 hour seminar facilitated by Sue Sutcliffe, and I was blown away. Sue’s depth of knowledge in the field of Social Networking is extremely impressive and seems limitless. However what really grabbed me was the energy and passion Sue puts into the seminar, I was enthralled from beginning to end. I spent over 8 years in corporate training with Durham College and I have seen and hired my fair share of trainers. Some very good and some not so good. I feel very comfortable in saying that Sue Sutcliffe is amongst the best I have ever seen.

Colin S. McCarthy   
Author Picture

We are on the threshold of a brave new world of Instant Communications. Mass Media and volumes of print media ads are giving way to unprecedented marketing tools offering laser-like targeting to specific audiences. Leading the charge in education of these Social Media methodologies is the ever buoyant Sue Sutcliffe. Jargon in any industry is powerfully intimidating to an outsider. Happily, Sue quickly demystifies the foreign terms of ‘Blogging’ and ‘Google Analytics’ . She gives the neophyte (and the more experienced Internet user) a step by step painless baptism into the realm of Social Media and how we can learn (independently or with her guidance) to use them as potential powerful business building tools- for any business. Sue’s relaxed and easy presentation style fits well with the subject. She’s very social about the benefits of Social Media. She eased a few fears I had and I’ll be implementing a couple of her tidbits (begin blogging and use multiple Social Media venues) to get the messages of my business out there. Well done Sue. I have every confidence my fellow attendees echo the same appreciation for your expertise.

Dennis Kelly   
Author Picture

I was very impressed by your presentation last month and we now have Facebook Customers – Thanks to you !

Cindy Sullivan   
Author Picture

I want to thank you for a great workshop yesterday. I know that I speak for every-one that attended they learned tons.

Mayor Larry O’Connor, The Township of Brock   
Author Picture

Sue is a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher who gives generously of herself. Her classes are fun and engaging, and she speaks plainly so that she is well understood. I highly recommend Sue for any of her service offerings

Rachelle Foster   
Author Picture

Sue recently presented strategies for social media marketing at OSEB training curriculum. Her extensive knowledge of her industry and contagious enthusiasm for "all things marketing" have truly inspired the design and marketing plan for my business launch. Thank you Sue!

Sharon Elliott   
Author Picture

I attended a workshop that Sue facilitated on Social Media. She was amazing! Sue provided some insight and guidance into the world of social media and offered varying solutions that I intend to use to grow my business.

Michelle Pitman   
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Sue recently provided a group of our clients with a very informative and interactive presentation on utilizing Social Media for job search. Her through knowledge, personable presentation style and practical applications were amazing.

Dave McGregor, Centennial College   
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Sue is a true professional, very entertaining speaker, a definite must for any office to have Sue come and speak about Internet marketing. Highly recommended when trying to take your internet marketing to the next level.

Stephen Young   
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Sue and her wonderful team put together a fantastic Social Media Bootcamp. With so much on-line social media and social marketing it was very hard to know where to start and then implement it. Sue's Bootcamp explained the intricacies of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and how they work together and, moreover, how to get the most out of them. So many tips and tricks on what to do and how to do it made the 2-day Bootcamp incredible. We look forward to diving in and making it a strong part of our Marketing & Advertising Strategy. We highly recommend that anyone looking to get the most out of their Social Media take this Bootcamp.

Dennis Hebert   
Author Picture

Sue is a great teacher, and a pleasure to be around. After taking her Social Media 101 course, at OSEB Durham, and her How to Build a Facebook Page Webinar, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop or refine a social media/ web strategy.

Jordan Matchett   
Author Picture

I attended a lunchinar that Sue put on and loved it. She kept things interesting and moving along at a great pace.

Jamie Duquette, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board   
Author Picture

I was introduced to Sue during a workshop she hosted for the Self Employment Program. As a new business owner needing to have a website, I truly appreciated Sue's ability to speak in "layman's" terms that took a lot of the mystery out of creating my website. Sue's energy and enthusiasm is contagious! You can't help but be energized when she speaks!

Pam Pritchard   
Author Picture

I've known Sue Sutcliff for over 20+ years and I know her to be a most energetic, well informed trainer who would be comfortable in front of any group eager to learn her specialty which is enhanced Social Media skills. I would fully endorse your decision to hire her in this area.

Steve Maloney   
Author Picture

Thanks Sue! That was the best Social Media training I have ever been fortunate enough to take part in! You Rock!

Anita Wright   
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When someone has a personal passion and love for what they do in life, it shows through in their personality, demeanor, actions and overall well-being! Sue demonstrates this on every level and situation I have seen her. Teaching and sharing her know-how when it comes to her expertise in web development, social media, training and coaching, has helped me to be more secure in this world of technology-based business. Anyone can positively benefit from listening to Sue, and her captivating personality will win you over in a matter of minutes! She has been a very positive role model in my life as well as others, and that is a fact!

Sue Dalby   
Author Picture

Sue is an excellent and organized trainer and speaker. I have always come away from her sessions not only with new information, but also new ideas

Paula Kennedy   
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I am a senior and always wanted to know more about graphic design programs. Your presentation helped me to understand the big picture, which program does what. Thank you.

Iffat Zehra   


Friday, Nov.9, 2018
Oshawa | $500