Business E-Marketing 101

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Discover what social media is, who uses it today, how to build and manage effective social media campaign in 30 minutes a day or less, as well as ‘netiquette’. Participants identify key objectives and gaps, create a social media marketing plan, an engaging content marketing plan, and strategies to track success.

Day two is perfect for website virgins who want to learn the five essential ingredients of a successful web campaign, how to save time and money creating their first website, and create a well-designed website that will attract and serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Day three is all about learning how to position personal and business brands on social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn, find and connect with like-minded people and leverage groups and events, and other business building tips and tricks.

Sue Sutcliffe is a Canadian Digital Marketing Trainer and Internet pioneer whose passion for innovative and strategic marketing shine through every seminar, workshop and webinar experience, leaving audiences feeling energized and empowered.