Exploring ECommerce and Online Payments

Top eCommerce and Online Payment Processing Tips

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with other eCommerce specialists and entrepreneurs on #StartupChats on Twitter about eCommerce and Online Payments in Canada. Today’s event had a total of 22.5M impressions, allowing us to trend nationally on Twitter! Here are my answers: Q1 What is eCommerce? What are current trends in ecommerce today? @Scotiabank #StartupChats … Continue reading “Top eCommerce and Online Payment Processing Tips”

Tips for creating a long-term business strategy

Top Tips for Creating a Long Term Business Strategy

I enjoyed twitter chat today about Creating a Long Term Business Strategy today. We had a great conversation, with a total of 22.6 M impressions, 53 contributors and a total of 709 tweets within the hour. Here are my answers. What is the difference between a business plan and a business strategy? The difference between … Continue reading “Top Tips for Creating a Long Term Business Strategy”

Wendy Cukler & Sue Sutcliffe

100+ Resources for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs

Yesterday this women entrepreneur attended “Business, Government Services and You. A Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs” in Toronto and was blown away by how all the ministries came together to make it easy to discover all the services they provide Canadian Women Entrepreneurs with, the amazing view from Ontario Trade Centre, and by this woman — … Continue reading “100+ Resources for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs”

Alternative Legal Solutions in Durham Region

Alternative Legal Solutions

  When a modern-day brutus crosses your path, although your first reaction is likely a lawyer, it’s not always your wisest choice. National Brutus Day – March 15th Often reviled (certainly by Dante) was Marcus Junius Brutus Minor, known to most as “Brutus” or more simply “Et tu Brute?”. So why dedicate a holiday to … Continue reading “Alternative Legal Solutions”


Looking Back on 2018 #StartupChats

I had the pleasure of joining Startup Canada and Mastercard for #StartupChats on Twitter hosted by Kylie Woods along with Julie Guyard, Alex Putici, Rebecca Perrin, Rachel Foster, Gabriel Nwatarali, Danielle Torrie, Rob Balasabas, Kristi Soomer, Johnny Yoo, Karla Briones, Patti Pokorchak, Mark Evans, Catherine Lee-Hannley, Erin Blaskie and Travis Richards. How would you answer … Continue reading “Looking Back on 2018 #StartupChats”


Canadian Marketers need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions that Keeps Data in Canada

There is a ton of awesome CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions on the market today, but finding one that does not leave my Canadian Business vulnerable from a legal standpoint — PIPED & GDPR — and lets me work from everywhere, has been a challenge. WHY DO YOU NEED CRM SOFTWARE? CRM solutions provide many … Continue reading “Canadian Marketers need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions that Keeps Data in Canada”

Heather Gamble, CEO, Women on the Move

“Business is a Piece of Cake — Especially for the Ladies!” ~Heather Gamble

If you need inspiration women, THIS is the video for you. This woman — Heather Gamble, CEO of Women on the Move, delivered a keynote at a recent conference I attended at the Community Innovation Lab in #DurhamRegion and I’m still floating on the energy and have come back to repower already a few times… … Continue reading ““Business is a Piece of Cake — Especially for the Ladies!” ~Heather Gamble”


Steve Jobs’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Kudos to Evan Carmichael for creating this wonderful 39 minute compilation video of Steve Job’s Top 10 Rules for Success. Don’t live a limited life Have a passion Design for yourself Don’t sell crap Build a great team Don’t do it for for the money Be proud of your products Build around customers Marketing is … Continue reading “Steve Jobs’s Top 10 Rules For Success”