Do you know any Not for Profit Organizations who would be interested in our "Buy One – Give One Away Campaign"?

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Buy One – Give One Away Campaign announces a new opportunity for business through a “Sharing Program”.   This means that when a business purchases a social media workshop a not for profit organization will be invited to attend with them… FREE!

Owner, Sue Sutcliffe embraces social responsibility as a key deliverable of her business. Sue has provided at cost workshops for the not for profit sector but decided she could do even better by engaging business in “paying it forward”.  Recognizing that many businesses would like to do more for their community but financial and time constraints often create a barrier, Sue wanted to share the opportunity to do something great for their community.  Through the new Buy One – Give One Away Campaign, every workshop purchased by a business means that AWEBthatWORKS will provide a free workshop to a not for profit organization that will attend at the same time.

Sue Sutcliffe internet pioneer and internet marketing specialist, understands that when a not for profit organization gains skills in social media, they have a greater capacity to provide information to their clients and donors. Most importantly, they are also able to reduce their administrative costs and that results in increased funds to direct service.

A WEBthatWORKS is offering similar package for a web development workshop.  The workshop is free to a charity who will attend with you but there is a small charge to the not for profit for the domain name and hosting.

North House Transitional HousingOne of the earliest participants in the program, Lois McIntosh from North House Transitional Housing describes their earlier website as dated and difficult to manage.  They were unable to post current information because hiring a web developer was cost prohibitive.  Since attending the workshop she is able to provide timely information specific to their different stakeholders and acknowledge their donors.  Tracking the activity on their site has been a tool to become even more effective. Lois said that she received even more than she needed and that the staff from a AWEBthatWORKS were patient and helpful.

The youngest participants to date are from the initiative Learning for Hope Youth Leadership Group whose efforts support sustainable projects in Peru and El Salvador.  Founder Andrew McLaughlin states the funds raised are committed to direct service and through the skill development of three youth leaders they have been able to provide a more effective website.  Justin, one of the participants describes their goal as “a website that unites everyone in our project, locally and globally by spreading the word about our social justice projects and hopefully inspiring people to get involved”. Tyler, also one of the youth leaders states “the workshop gave me the tools I needed to get the website on track and start filling it up with content for people wondering what we are about”.     “I think we have achieved the ability to reach those outside of our local community; even gaining a better source of communication with our partners in Peru” says Nicole the third participant.   All three young people agreed that the workshop was a great experience and the instructors extremely helpful ensuring no one was left behind since everyone could work at their own pace.

Boys and Girls Club of Clarington attendee Elizabeth Muller, Coordinator of the In-School Mentorship Program and dedicated volunteer, reflected that her participation in the workshop will increase the organization’s capacity to share information, engage volunteers and families and to publicize their numerous events.   Muller stated that she gained so many things from the workshop and aside from the great uses of social media, it is also important to develop a communications plan that includes the type of information, frequency, who has the authority and responsibility to post information and track activity.

All participants from the not for profit organizations share the goal of greater community engagement and express high praise and gratitude for the ability to attend the workshops.  The interactive program makes things easy, hands on and working at your own pace.  Participants commended the staff of for their helpfulness and Sue’s commitment to make our local and global community a better place.  They further acknowledge the invaluable contribution that has been made to their agency during a time when websites and social media marketing is so important.

Sue states “I have been blessed with opportunities in my life and I am excited to take my business to the next step by sharing the benefits of social responsibility.  So many of my business associates would like to do more but either do not have the time or the money to invest.  This is a way that entrepreneurs can invest in their own business and invest in their community by giving a free workshop and attending with a local not for profit.  This is a win – win for everyone with a lasting impact! ”

For more information please contact:

Sue Sutcliffe
1-800-579-9253 ext.119