July 1st is Canada Day

Printable Canada Day Flag
This Canada Day flag is printable!... https://www.suesutcliffe.com/canada-day #HappyCanadaDay Share on X
Printable Canada Day Flag

Need help getting your Canadian Pride on?
This Canada Day Flag is printable!

Kudos to Mike Meyers who did an excellent job summarizing all the reasons we should be proud in this video…

Canadian’s are innovators:

  • Peanut butter — Marcellus Gilmore Edson — 1884
  • Trivial persuit — 1980
  • Egg carton — Joseph Coyle — 1911
  • Hawaiian Pizza — Sam Panopoulos — 1962
Did you know that #DurhamRegion was just named... https://www.suesutcliffe.com/canada-day #HappyCanadaDay Share on X
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