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What Book Are You Reading on “National Read A Book Day” on September 6th? #ReadABookDay

Need some inspiration? The 25 most influential books ever written about business Amazon Best Sellers in Business & Money New York Times Best Sellers: Business Penguin Random House Best Sellers: Business 34 Business Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

32 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention

According to Gartner, “By 2023, organizations at advanced stages of digital transformation will find that poor customer experience is their biggest barrier to further success.” We must implement customer loyal strategies be customer-centric in our digital business. Keep in touch in various ways to communicate with your customers Use a CRM for loyalty management to keep … Continue reading “32 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention”

Business Tips To Help Your Business Breakthru #BusinessBreakthru

Starting a Business? Focus on Building Value as well as Revenue

Great advice by John Warrillow last night on 1855 Whitby Masterclass. He feels as I do that post-covid is a great opportunity to recreate yourself and suggests we focus on revenue and value of of offerings, because it’s not just the cash flow coming in now, but what your company will be worth when it … Continue reading “Starting a Business? Focus on Building Value as well as Revenue”

How to Sell for Entrepreneurs

The Best Methods to Sell Yourself, Your Services, and Your Products as an Entrepreneur

No matter how innovative, ingenious, or incredible your product or service is, if you don’t know how to sell, your business might be over before it begins. Today I was honoured to serve as an expert advisor on Startup Canada‘s #StartupChats sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation (@cocacola_ca) and hosted by Lyndon Johnson (@THINK_Lyndon), Founder of … Continue reading “The Best Methods to Sell Yourself, Your Services, and Your Products as an Entrepreneur”

How to Plan For A Thriving Business

How to Plan for a Thriving Business #startupchats

Today I had the honour of serving as an expert on #StartupChats. The event had 55 contributors, 38.5 million impressions, and trended nationally at #6. The Wakelet can be found here. Planning is everything, especially in business. What questions should entrepreneurs ask themselves to ensure they are building the right foundation for a thriving business?  … Continue reading “How to Plan for a Thriving Business #startupchats”

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How To Help Your Small Business Get Through Covid-19

There is no doubt this is a hard time for everyone around the world, and although we can’t do everything, we can do something, and today I’d like to share some ways you can help your small business friends or yourself build brand and get through CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Crisis. ECOMMERCE is now a necessity. … Continue reading “How To Help Your Small Business Get Through Covid-19”

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Trust and Integrity are Worth More Than Money. Would you agree?

People tell me I have trust issues.   I say people have problems being trustworthy, and I’m glad to know that.   The same thing applies to about integrity — doing the right thing even when no one is looking — because here’s the thing. People are always looking and — right or wrong — … Continue reading “Trust and Integrity are Worth More Than Money. Would you agree?”

We're living in unprecedented times as we navigate COVID-19. If you're a woman in business and want to connect with other like-minded women join us tonight at 7 PM EST as we discuss "It's Not Business As Usual". Initially Sue Sutcliffe and I created this event to pre-launch our new venture #SheConnectsOnline and invited select women to join us. But after all that has happened in the last week, we felt it was too important a conversation to not open up to others. The event tonight is free, and there are a limited number seats still left. We'll be using a very unique networking platform which allows participants to connect virtually in a very meaningful and deep way. If you'd like to join us, reach out and we'll provide you the information to attend.

15 Questions Every Entrepreneur Owner Should Answer #Covid19

We’re living in unprecedented times as we navigate COVID-19, so Heather DelRosario and I invited woman in business to connect with other like-minded women in our new #SheConnectsOnline Remo Space. Here’s what we discussed: 15 Questions Every Entrepreneur Owner Should Answer How can You Help your clients? How can you help your employees, contractors and … Continue reading “15 Questions Every Entrepreneur Owner Should Answer #Covid19”

video conferencing is better faster & cheaper than in-person meetingS

19 Virtual Conferencing and Networking Solutions

Choosing the right Video Conferencing/Meeting Software solution can be daunting, but it’s important as the right solution can make the difference between a good meeting and a great one. Here is a complete list of the top video conferencing/meeting software solutions: BlueJeans ClickMeeting Eyeson ezTalks Google Hangouts Meet GoToMeeting GoToWebinars Intermedia AnyMeeting Microsoft Teams … Continue reading “19 Virtual Conferencing and Networking Solutions”

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Remote Working: Benefits & Drawbacks

This month on Social Media Socials 2020 all the speakers work remotely, so it was only natural for the conversation to turn to remote working. I’m a big fan of remote working, from both an employer and employee perspective. With that said, having done both since the late nineties, I know first hand it’s not … Continue reading “Remote Working: Benefits & Drawbacks”

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SALES FUNNELS: What every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

A sales funnel is a smarketing (marketing and sales) process with the goal of attracting and converting prospects into customers — ideally customers that buys over and over again. 7 Steps to Creating your First Sales Funnel BUYER PERSONA Create a buyer persona that describes in detail the ideal target for this particular product or … Continue reading “SALES FUNNELS: What every Small Business Owner Needs To Know”

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs for Entrepreneurs

Today I joined Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Community Foundations of Canada (@CommFdnsCanada) for a live #StartupChats #StartupImpact Edition on Twitter hosted by Lyndon Johnson (@THINK_Lyndon), Founder of Toronto based COMMS.BAR to discuss SDGs for Entrepreneurs. The event had 35 contributors, 22.4 million impressions and the Wakelet can be found here.  Here’s how I answered the questions: What are Sustainable Development Goals? … Continue reading “SDGs for Entrepreneurs”

How to Build A Business Plan

Business Plans

Just like everything else in life, when you’re starting a business You. Have. To. Have. A. Plan. I was honoured to serve as an expert advisor on this special episode of Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) #StartupChats sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation (@cocacola_ca). This #startupchats was part of Startup Canada’s 10K Women Entrepreneurs Program to discuss why a business … Continue reading “Business Plans”


Outsourcing vs. In-House

To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question. Entrepreneurs have many options when building a team. Sometimes you may need to hire a full-time resource, other times you may wish to contract out different functions within your organization, like payroll or other roles that you might not need full-time from the very start. … Continue reading “Outsourcing vs. In-House”

Scaling with Impact

Scaling With Impact

As an entrepreneur, the impact you make is the value you create both in the market and in your community – local, national, or global. When the goal is scaling your impact, keeping your impact at your core at each stage of your growth is integral to not only the service or product you provide, … Continue reading “Scaling With Impact”

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What can we learn from the Most Influential Brands in Canada?

The Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) and Ipsos, in partnership with Publicis and the CMDC unveiled today the Ipsos Most Influential Brands in Canada – a comprehensive study measuring and ranking today’s brands in Canada and the world. 1. Google 2. Amazon 2. Facebook 4. Microsoft 5. Apple 6. YouTube 7. Netflix 8. Samsung 9. Walmart 10. Visa Steve Levy, COO at Ipsos offers … Continue reading “What can we learn from the Most Influential Brands in Canada?”