Affirmation Resources

Affirmations are firm or public statements that something is true or that you support something strongly. They can manifest long-lasting change. More confidence and self-esteem? Manifest more money? Attract romance? Create positive relationships? Lose weight? Exercise more? Sell more? 5 Tips to Make Affirmations Stick Write your affirmations down. Are written in present tense Use … Continue reading “Affirmation Resources”

The Psychology Of Social Networking

Andrew Ballenthin, Founder of The Community Marketing Blog, Speaker and President of Integrated Marketing Consultancy Sol Solutions wrote… 1.  The term social media is preventing many businesses from seeing what the true value of this communication evolution is about. Leave the words behind, think of it as “interactive communication”. 2.  From a marketing perspective this is one … Continue reading “The Psychology Of Social Networking”

Sales Mastery

3 Ways To Increase Your Sales

Expand your share of the existing market Find new markets Develop new products Sue can help you breath life into and/or manage your effective website / social media marketing campaigns. Contact Sue to setup your free websites/social media marketing campaign consultation today. Let Sue help you increase your sales!

Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!

Jack Neff’s recent post entitled Study: ROI May Be Measurable in Facebook, MySpace After All shares more proof that social media improves ROI, in particular a case study of a package-goods brand that earned $1.28 million in sales from $1 million social-media campaign — 28% ROI! He states that… Recent research from ComScore, MySpace and … Continue reading “Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!”