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10 Cell Phone Hacks We Just Had To Share!

Kudos to Grant Thompson, The King Of Random for this video jam packed with cell phone hacks I just had to share. What’s your favourite cell phone hack? If you have a cell phone hack, we’d love to hear it.  Please share it with us by adding it to the comments below.

Canadian Internet Law

Are you still paying for TV or do you use a loaded Android box?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently these days is… Are loaded Android boxes legal, and I’m pleased to share what Canadian internet law expert Michael Geist says which is… “Loaded android boxes falls a little bit into that grey area,” You see Canada’s Copyright Act prohibits unauthorized downloading of copyrighted content, but viewers using … Continue reading “Are you still paying for TV or do you use a loaded Android box?”

Google Local icon on a map

4 Reasons a Google Local Page is Crucial to SEO

Have you claimed and optimized your brand’s free Google Local  page (formerly Google Places)? Here are 4 reasons you should do so today: 1. Google Dominates Online Search Everyone knows that Google is the king of search engines. If you want to rank well in Google, you need to play by its rules. Don’t be … Continue reading “4 Reasons a Google Local Page is Crucial to SEO”

Top 4 Ways to Time your Tweets

Tired of sending out blocks of tweets once or twice a day? Not getting the ROI on your time in the twitterverse? Check out these great tools to schedule your tweets and measure their impact: 1. Hootsuite Handling your Facebook, LinkedIn and blog releases, as well as timing your tweets, Hootsuite remains a scheduling champ. … Continue reading “Top 4 Ways to Time your Tweets”