Happy International Women’s Day!

Every Woman Counts #IWD #InternationalWomensDay

Every Women Counts, Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day 2023 emphasizes the importance of recognizing the VALUE & WORTH of every woman, and highlights the need for greater inclusivity & equality across sectors, at home, school, business, government and in communities. #EmbraceEquity2023

WOMAN OF WORTH 2022 EBOOK — Grab your copy and be inspired!


Looking to be inspired by amazing women who’ve made their mark in history? Look no further than Woman of Worth 2022 a collection of stories that spotlights the following outstanding women who are making a lasting legacy in the world.  Learn how they’ve achieved greatness and how you can too! GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!   … Continue reading “WOMAN OF WORTH 2022 EBOOK — Grab your copy and be inspired!”

Collaboration is the Future for Small Business Owners

Marlene Marco

There is no doubt this past year has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Business models with a physical presence had to make huge shifts as the online economy became the only economy. And that online world opened a global economy through new software and new approaches. But in that global world how … Continue reading “Collaboration is the Future for Small Business Owners”

The51 Financial Feminist Membership

The51 Financial Feminist Membership

Women’s economic empowerment is key to unlocking gender equality. This includes participating equally in existing markets, acting as directors on boards, as venture capitalists, as entrepreneurs as business leaders, and as meaningful participants at all levels of economic decision-making. “Feminism” is the doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women as equal to … Continue reading “The51 Financial Feminist Membership”

100+ Resources for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs

Wendy Cukler & Sue Sutcliffe

Yesterday this women entrepreneur attended “Business, Government Services and You. A Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs” in Toronto and was blown away by how all the ministries came together to make it easy to discover all the services they provide Canadian Women Entrepreneurs with. The view was amazing from Ontario Trade Centre, and I had the … Continue reading “100+ Resources for Canadian Women Entrepreneurs”

“Business is a Piece of Cake — Especially for the Ladies!” ~Heather Gamble

Heather Gamble

If you need inspiration women, THIS is the video for you. This woman — Heather Gamble, CEO of Women on the Move, delivered a keynote at a recent conference I attended at the Community Innovation Lab in #DurhamRegion and I’m still floating on the energy and have come back to repower already a few times… … Continue reading ““Business is a Piece of Cake — Especially for the Ladies!” ~Heather Gamble”

Sue Sutcliffe is a proud new member of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Sue Sutcliffe is proud member of Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) is a national not-for-profit organization that advocates for the economic priorities of women-owned, women-controlled, and women-led businesses. CanWCC provides supports to its members through skills development, resources, and community in order to strengthen the role of women in Canada’s business ecosystem. Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce