LinkedIn rolling out ‘new’ clubhouse-like events platform

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn is following Twitter’s lead and rolling out a event platform that allows talking heads to gather like clubhouse, and that the video version they’ve been working on since March 2020 will follow in the spring — two years after the pandemic struck — but I’m not seeing alot that’s new. According to Techcrunch… Event … Continue reading “LinkedIn rolling out ‘new’ clubhouse-like events platform”

Death, Systemic Racism & Another Humongous Security Breech :(

Black Lives Matter

As a Canadian tweets abound regarding Pro-Trump Mob, I’ve got to say, I’m 100% with Ahmed Ali @MrAhmednurAli who wrote… As Canadians, we shouldn’t be smug. What’s happening in the US Capital could easily happen in Ottawa. White supremacy and white supremacists call Canada home too. — Ahmed Ali (@MrAhmednurAli) January 6, 2021 Although I … Continue reading “Death, Systemic Racism & Another Humongous Security Breech :(“

The Global #Cyberlympics came to Canada for the first time this past weekend! #CyberAwarenessMonth

Jobless Hackers

I took lots of pictures at Global Cyberlympics Awards Banquet — an event cohosted by Durham College and The Regional Municipality of Durham Region at Ajax’s newest banquet facility — Audley Recreation Complex. Big congratulations to everyone that took part in #Cyberlympics, especially to Jobless Hackers, the team from the Netherlands that won!

Are You Cyber Aware? [podcast]

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It’s critical for every employee of your business, or those who you trust on your network to be cyberaware, and there’s no one better to take care of this for you than cybersecurity Guru Darnley Greson II of Darn IT Group. Darnley is passionate about educating people on cyber awareness and has just launched a … Continue reading “Are You Cyber Aware? [podcast]”

Time to change your Canva Password!

Canva Hacked!

Canva is an easy-to-use, graphic design web & mobile app that has gained popularity with non-designers and professionals alike. On May 24, 2019 Canva was hacked and your (cryptographically protected) password and partial credit card information may have been compromised. 3 Things you need to do! Change your password immediately on Canva Change your password … Continue reading “Time to change your Canva Password!”

Save The Internet #NetNeutrality

save the internet #NetNeutrality

I support net neutrality, and feel strongly that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. I believe that Internet service providers should NOT have the power to intentionally block, slow … Continue reading “Save The Internet #NetNeutrality”

WARNING for all Wi-Fi users. Security flaw found that lets hackers eavesdrop on your devices. It’s critical you…


Make sure all devices and the firmware of your router are updated ASAP! This affects all modern Wi-Fi equipment, from mobile phones to tablets to workstations, routers, printers and more. This is a big deal and has very widespread security implications. Source: Wi-Fi security flaw found that lets hackers eavesdrop on your devices

SSL CERTIFICATES: What they are, why you need them, and how to get started


With the ever- evolving development of the internet and an increase in the number of and sophistication of users, website owners should take proactive measures to insure the integrity of their site.  The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is with an SSL certification. BASIC TERMINOLOGY AND BACKGROUND HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) was … Continue reading “SSL CERTIFICATES: What they are, why you need them, and how to get started”

Chrome and Firefox Users Beware of Tricky Phishing Attack!

What does phishing mean?

Currently there is a manual fix for firefox, and Chrome has released a fix in their latest ‘Canary’ test release which should be released to the general public within the next few days. Until then, if you are unsure if you are on a real site and are about to enter sensitive information, you can copy the URL … Continue reading “Chrome and Firefox Users Beware of Tricky Phishing Attack!”

Time to change your passwords again because ANY passwords you’ve used or stored online prior to September 22, 2016 may be in nafarious hands!

Time to change your password again!

Between September 22, 2016 and February 18, 2017, passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data was leaked and because data was cached by search engines, your data may have been in nafarious hands! It’s time to change your passwords again! Is your website on the list?  GitHub has already compiled a list of effected domains and … Continue reading “Time to change your passwords again because ANY passwords you’ve used or stored online prior to September 22, 2016 may be in nafarious hands!”

Google to Make Certificate Transparency Mandatory By 2017


According to Threatpost, Google software engineer Ryan Sleevi announced that “Google is making Certificate Transparency mandatory for its Chrome web browser by October 2017.” What does this mean to you? This means that Google — the most popular website browser on the market today — could block your website from search results if you do … Continue reading “Google to Make Certificate Transparency Mandatory By 2017”

Secure your account with the Security Checkup!


Take a few moments to protect your Google Account by taking the Security Checkup which Google built it to help you verify that your recovery information is up to date and that the websites, apps, and devices connected to your account are ones you still use and trust. If anything looks suspicious, you can change your settings … Continue reading “Secure your account with the Security Checkup!”

32 Million Twitter Passwords May Have Been Hacked And Leaked!

Time to change your Twitter password and visit and change your password on any other website you’ve used it on! According to TechCrunch, Twitter says it’s systems have not been breached but  that … Hackers may have used malware to collect more than 32 million Twitter login credentials that are now being sold on the dark … Continue reading “32 Million Twitter Passwords May Have Been Hacked And Leaked!”


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