A Day Without A Whopper

A Day Without A Whopper. Today we won't be serving Whopper to support our competitor's cause.

In my role as conference creator at Dominate The Digital I have the pleasure of gathering and showcasing local digital marketing talent who are passionate about helping small business grow. The digital experts that accept our invitation to share understand the power of collaboration and working together for the greater good — qualities Burger King … Continue reading “A Day Without A Whopper”

6 Free Keyword Tools Every Canadian Marketer Needs To Know


Keywords are a key ingredient of any digital marketing plan. Canadian digital marketers should be researching keywords around their offerings, their prospects problems, real or perceived features and benefits and their competition. Here are some free keyword tools: Buzzsumo — Analyze what content performs best for any topic (or competitor) Google Ads Keyword Planner — … Continue reading “6 Free Keyword Tools Every Canadian Marketer Needs To Know”


Social Networking 101

I could talk for days about business networking because it’s one of my favourite marketing tactics and one that so many don’t get or leverage properly. If you’d like to learn everything I know about business networking or have me teach your sales team, schedule a one-to-one session with me via my website or give … Continue reading “BUSINESS NETWORKING TIPS [VIDEO 26m:13s]”

INBOUND LINKS: Does your brand come up when people search the most popular Canadian websites?

Create inbound links

13 Most Popular Canadian Websites Google.ca YouTube.com — User-submitted videos with rating, comments, and contests. Google.com Facebook Reddit.com Wikipedia.org — A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software Amazon.ca Twitter.com Live.com — Search engine from Microsoft Yahoo.com Instagram.com Kijiji.ca — Free classified and ‘wanted’ advertising Amazon.com — Seeks to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where … Continue reading “INBOUND LINKS: Does your brand come up when people search the most popular Canadian websites?”


marketing mondays

POSTCARDS are a great way to get the word buzzing about your new products and services, upcoming event, specials, holiday greeting, notices etc. They’re an instant and easy way to share information on social media spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. I recommend designing them 4″x6″ size so that you can get prints at … Continue reading “POSTCARDS”

To you it is promotional material… #marketingfail


This morning when I got in my car, I had to get out again, because there was piece of paper on my windshield… Putting your marketing material — garbage to everyone but you — on someone’s dash is wrong on so many levels: When people discover paper on their car’s window (parked in their driveway), … Continue reading “To you it is promotional material… #marketingfail”

Lessons From the Obama Viral Marketing Campaign

– Social media is utterly important They are cheap, have a large number of audiences and spread the news quickly. Obama used this masterfully and even raised huge amounts of funds using social media. – Do not side line bloggers While other candidates ignored the bloggers and focused on “real journalists”, Obama didn’t exclude them, … Continue reading “Lessons From the Obama Viral Marketing Campaign”

10 Examples of Great marketing

Started my day today reading Ajay Parthasarathy’s blog on the top 10 cool marketing campaigns he’s run across: Apple 1984 Macintosh Advertisement Nike – Just Do It The Apple Think Different Campaign Narendra Modi’s Prime Ministerial Campaign – ‘Achche Din’ Star Sports with the Mauka Mauka advertisement series The Pepsi : Dil Maange More! campaign which … Continue reading “10 Examples of Great marketing”

Ever wonder what people can find out about you on Google? #reputation

Google alerts

 Google Alerts  is an easy-to-use and free tool that you can set up to get alerts whenever someone mentions your name or brand name(s) on the Internet. Simply write down your search query (in this case my name), and select when you want to be alerted. You can choose between once a day, once a week … Continue reading “Ever wonder what people can find out about you on Google? #reputation”

Google Places for Business vs. Google+ Local

Google Places icon

It’s critical for businesses to get involved in both Google Places and Google+ Local because it gains increased visibility and helps control one’s brand on Google — the world’s most popular search tool. Did you know that each month 100 billion searches are conducted on Google? This post by Amanda DiSilvestro on Search Engine Watch does a great job of clarifying the confusion … Continue reading “Google Places for Business vs. Google+ Local”

11 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Joined the Twitterverse, but not sure your voice is being heard? Here are some sure-fire ideas for attracting Followers! 1. Optimize your Twitter Profile If your profile doesn’t include an engaging picture (usually your smiling face), banner and bio, you’ll struggle to attract a big following. Sprinkle (don’t cram!) your bio with keywords that are … Continue reading “11 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers”

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing | Social Media Examiner

How Twitter Is Unique? In the social media world, Twitter falls into the category of microblogging tools because of the short, disconnected messages it distributes. Other microblogging tools include Tumblr, FriendFeed and Plurk. Twitter shares some features with the most common social media tools Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. However, the differences really define … Continue reading “How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing | Social Media Examiner”

Twitter Turns 7!! #Twitter7 Birthday Special!

Happy Birthday, Twitter! On its blog this morning, the Twitter team thanked its 200 million strong userbase, saying: It’s thanks to all of you that our open, real-time platform is thriving: we have well over 200 million active users creating over 400 million Tweets each day. As we’ve grown, Twitter has become a true global … Continue reading “Twitter Turns 7!! #Twitter7 Birthday Special!”

Pinterest Introduces Analytics!

Last week, Pinterest began rolling out – not only their streamlined new look – but their tracking tool Pinterest Web Analytics. Already a great marketing tool, Pinterest now allows brands to track their progress by: identifying their most popular content with metrics including “most repinned” and “most clicked” tracking which dates and times are popular … Continue reading “Pinterest Introduces Analytics!”

New first stop for hacked site recovery via Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

How to avoid ever needing Help for hacked sites: Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure — for you and your visitors — is also paramount. When site owners fail to keep their site secure, hackers may exploit the vulnerability. If a hacker … Continue reading “New first stop for hacked site recovery via Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:”