PPC Automation: When & How To Use It

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Search Engine Journal (SEJ) just published an article titled “The Future of PPC Automation: 8 Key Takeaways” discusses the evolving landscape of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and the increasing role of automation in streamlining PPC campaign management. The author highlights eight key takeaways from a panel discussion with industry experts. These takeaways include the growing importance … Continue reading “PPC Automation: When & How To Use It”

6 Free Keyword Tools Every Canadian Marketer Needs To Know


Keywords are a key ingredient of any digital marketing plan. Canadian digital marketers should be researching keywords around their offerings, their prospects problems, real or perceived features and benefits and their competition. Here are some free keyword tools: Buzzsumo — Analyze what content performs best for any topic (or competitor) Google Ads Keyword Planner — … Continue reading “6 Free Keyword Tools Every Canadian Marketer Needs To Know”

GOOGLE: How are YOU ranking these days?


If you’re serious about coming up at the top of Google Search Results or becoming a sought after webmaster, you need to subscribe to Google’s Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. In today’s post they talk about Panda and 23 things they consider would make a site ‘rank’ higher including four (4) that make utilizing the services … Continue reading “GOOGLE: How are YOU ranking these days?”