Is your marketing inclusive?

What is inclusive marketing

This marketer is on a journey to be an inclusive marketer, which I believe needs to start by educating myself and understanding the stereotypes around: Age Asian Americans Black people Indigenous people Latinos / Latinx LGBTQ+ people Disabled people Plus-size people Socioeconomic status Trans / Gender expansive U.S. Veterans Women that exist today. Although it … Continue reading “Is your marketing inclusive?”

Are You Cyber Aware? [podcast]

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It’s critical for every employee of your business, or those who you trust on your network to be cyberaware, and there’s no one better to take care of this for you than cybersecurity Guru Darnley Greson II of Darn IT Group. Darnley is passionate about educating people on cyber awareness and has just launched a … Continue reading “Are You Cyber Aware? [podcast]”

How are YOU measuring your social media success?

You cannot improve what you do not measure.

Sofie Andreou explains the importance of having Measurable Calls To Actions (CTAs) to engage visitors AND provide you with metrics to measuring your social media success and lists 16 on her website. Purchase Products or Service. “Opt-In” provide their email. Click on “more details” on a specific topic. Download documents or brochures. Link to another … Continue reading “How are YOU measuring your social media success?”

UAT = User Acceptance Testing


Everyone who owns a website should have a UAT procedure that is executed each and everytime the server, software, theme, plugins are updated, to ensure the website’s appearance and functionality is still acceptable. My UAT procedure includes: Appointments: Schedule a discovery call Email: Quote | Contact Reviews: Add review | Reviews Display Blog: Blog Archive … Continue reading “UAT = User Acceptance Testing”

Need help with Facebook Analytics?


Facebook Analytics helps us leverage data and make better decisions about our product and customer experiences. With true people-based analytics, we can use the facebook analytics to measure and understand how people interact across your mobile app, website, Facebook Page, and more, and ultimately, optimize for growth. Click here to learn the latest about facebook … Continue reading “Need help with Facebook Analytics?”

What’s your favourite Social Media Dashboard?


A social media dashboard can be a real time-saver as it allows you to manage all your social media profiles from one central place, but which is right for you? Our latest research on this topic found many contenders with a range of different functionality and prices, and we’ve listed the most popular ones below … Continue reading “What’s your favourite Social Media Dashboard?”

How do I setup Google Analytics myself?

Google Analytics

Can I set up Google Analytics Myself and How do I setup Google Analytics, are two questions people that take my digital marketing strategy training ask most frequently, because it’s a staple in your digital marketing strategy, and quick and easy way to find out what digital marketing tactics are working, which are not, and … Continue reading “How do I setup Google Analytics myself?”

Did you hear about the romantic photographer who captured a couple getting engaged in Niagara Falls? #SocialMediaSuccessStory


WKBW shared photo June 5 of couple getting engaged. 2 hours & 2,000+ shares later, couple identified! How wonderful is that! #SocialMediaSuccessStory WKBW shared photo June 5 of couple getting engaged. 2 hours & 2,000+ shares later, couple identified! How wonderful is that! Posted by Sue Sutcliffe – The Web Coach on Monday, June 8, … Continue reading “Did you hear about the romantic photographer who captured a couple getting engaged in Niagara Falls? #SocialMediaSuccessStory”

Retailers Can Now Measure Offline Sales

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Understanding the link between Facebook ads and offline sales can help marketers determine the value of past campaigns and create more effective campaigns in the future. Retailers can now measure offline sales driven by their Custom Audiences campaigns. For more information on this, read Retailers Using Custom Audiences Can Now Measure Offline Sales or ask AWEBthatWORKS.

#Kony2012: 4 Reasons for its Trend-Setting Social Media Success

Kony 2012

Unless you’ve been living as a social media hermit, you’ve heard of the Kony 2012 movement. The 30-minute documentary that started it all focuses on exposing the inhumane crimes of Joseph Kony, the leader of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), who kidnaps children to build an army of child soldiers and sex slaves. Its makers … Continue reading “#Kony2012: 4 Reasons for its Trend-Setting Social Media Success”