Gucci is investing in Metaverse

Gucci's investing in the metaverse

A multi-directional exploration spanning digital realms has begun at Gucci. Head to the Gucci Vault for NFTs and other Web3-based wonders including: Superplastic — Vault Art Space — Gucci Town — a dynamic destination to interact with the codes of the House where you connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world 10KTF Gucci … Continue reading “Gucci is investing in Metaverse”

Virtual Worlds: The Metaverse and Business


Mike Stelzner interviews Cathy Hackl who urges businesses to buy land, build in the metaverse and metaverse commerce, if they serve clients who spend time in it.  So many great nuggets and suggest you read Social Media Examiner’s notes for their great wrap of what was shared here. What is metaverse commerce? In addition to … Continue reading “Virtual Worlds: The Metaverse and Business”

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