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Pinterest introduces analytics to businesses!

Pinterest has just rolled out a new analytics tool for businesses. Business owners now have a tool to show them what grabs their consumer’s attention, what interests the consumers show most interest in, how much traffic they receive, demographic, and what other interests their following has. Along with these great features, you’ll get advice on … Continue reading “Pinterest introduces analytics to businesses!”

Pinterest's newest feature helps you engage with your followers!

Pinterest has started rolling out a new feature to users to help them talk to their followers. A private messaging system has been added to the website to make it easier to talk others without crowding up the individual pins. Social Media Examiner shows us how the messaging system works, and why it is a … Continue reading “Pinterest's newest feature helps you engage with your followers!”

Are your Pinterest pins for movies, recipes & products rich?


When pinners find something they love on Pinterest, they often want to act on it. Maybe they want to buy the couch, rent the movie or bake the cookies they see. Pinterest is making pins better by including automatically updated details like prices, availability, movie reviews and ingredients. Find out more via Pinterest.

5 Ways To Integrate Pinterest Into Your Website

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It’s easy it is to add a Pinterest button or widget to your website. 1) Pin It Button Invite people to pin things from your website by adding a Pin It Button. 2) Follow Button Invite people to follow you on Pinterest from your site. Follow AWEBthatWORKS 3) Pin Widget Embed one of your pins … Continue reading “5 Ways To Integrate Pinterest Into Your Website”

Pinterest Introduces Analytics!

Last week, Pinterest began rolling out – not only their streamlined new look – but their tracking tool Pinterest Web Analytics. Already a great marketing tool, Pinterest now allows brands to track their progress by: identifying their most popular content with metrics including “most repinned” and “most clicked” tracking which dates and times are popular … Continue reading “Pinterest Introduces Analytics!”

Pinterest – the social climber of social media platforms.

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I’m Sue Sutcliffe, the web coach, and today, I want to introduce you to Pinterest – the social climber of social media platforms. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin or “pin” board, allowing the online collection, curation and sharing of images.  You can: Categorize pinboards and create themes. Play with the colour scheme for your home … Continue reading “Pinterest – the social climber of social media platforms.”

Brand Accounts for Pinterest, Facebook Pages Feeds, and Emailable Tweets!

This week in social media… Pinterest In addition to last week’s early holiday gift – private boards – Pinterest has introduced BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. Convert an existing profile or register a new account as a business. Pinterest offers great support documentation to walk you through the changes, as well as detailed case studies from their beta … Continue reading “Brand Accounts for Pinterest, Facebook Pages Feeds, and Emailable Tweets!”

How to Add a Pinterest Bookmarklet to Your Browser [VIDEO]

Great news Pinterest fans: pinning your fave pictures and videos can be a whole lot easier. Did you know that Pinterest offers a handy insta-pin button that sits in the bookmark bar of your browser?  Once you’ve installed the Pinterest bookmarklet to your browser — click here to find link for your browser — you … Continue reading “How to Add a Pinterest Bookmarklet to Your Browser [VIDEO]”

Pinterest Announces Secret Boards

Social Media Saturdays  Big news from Pinterest this week: Today, we’re excited to continue this tradition with a new feature we hope will make Pinterest even better—secret boards. Secret boards give you a place for things you’re not quite ready to share yet, like a surprise party, special gift ideas, or even planning for a … Continue reading “Pinterest Announces Secret Boards”

How to Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Check out this great Social Media Examiner post! Imagine your ideal clients. Now think about what kind of pictures or visual images they would enjoy. If you can create (or curate) visually compelling content, then Pinterest  could be a great social platform for you. When used the right way, Pinterest can drive massive traffic to … Continue reading “How to Build Your Brand with Pinterest”