Just as you wouldn’t introduce yourself to someone new by shoving a business card in someone’s face, personalizing your LinkedIn invitation & explaining your purpose for connecting is only social.

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Are you more likely to say “I don’t know” to someone who hasn’t personalized the request?

SWEARING: I Choose Conversion Over Authencity


I don’t like hearing cuss words online or off and especially when they come out of my mouth because I know it costs me money! I always warn my sales and marketing people against swearing, and talking about other topics people feel strongly about like sex, politics, and religion unless of course, you’re Gary Vaynerchuk … Continue reading “SWEARING: I Choose Conversion Over Authencity”

Social Networking That Works

Social Networking 101

Networking is more than a race to see who hands out the most business cards. How you cultivate your network directly impacts your success in business. Learn where to network, how and why, networking do’s and don’ts, how to follow up, tips and tricks and “netiquette” for online networking. UPCOMING EVENTS REQUEST SPEAKER KIT OTHER … Continue reading “Social Networking That Works”

#SocialMediaTip — You get more bees with honey than vinegar!

What's your biggest social media pet peeve?

CLIENT: What’s this statement for? ME: Must be for domain name service as it’s the only service I do for you CLIENT: I don’t owe you anything. ME: Sorry if you paid these, would you kindly send me details of that payment CLIENT: I didn’t receive these invoices ME: Sorry but as per our facebook … Continue reading “#SocialMediaTip — You get more bees with honey than vinegar!”

Are YOU making this Social Media Faux Pas?

What's your biggest social media pet peeve?

The word social comes from the Latin socius meaning “friend.” When you’re being social you’re you’re everyone’s friend, you attend mixers and often come away with new friends. Anti-social people often do not. It’s critical to ensure anything you put out there represents your brand well, but also that it be well received by your … Continue reading “Are YOU making this Social Media Faux Pas?”


Social Networking 101

I could talk for days about business networking because it’s one of my favourite marketing tactics and one that so many don’t get or leverage properly. If you’d like to learn everything I know about business networking or have me teach your sales team, schedule a one-to-one session with me via my website or give … Continue reading “BUSINESS NETWORKING TIPS [VIDEO 26m:13s]”

Is it Cool to Use an Avatar Maker For Social Networking Profile Pictures? | Top One SEO

Having an Avatar that reflects your personality and emphasizes your online identity exclusively for social networking profile pictures can be cool. You should choose an Avatar of yourself that is unique. Today, with many free Avatar making tools available online, you can make your profile picture interesting. You can take a picture of yourself and … Continue reading “Is it Cool to Use an Avatar Maker For Social Networking Profile Pictures? | Top One SEO”

Mark Zuckerberg on the "Biggest Problem in Social Networking" [INTERVIEW]

Zuckerberg said he believes that the Groups feature will be a hit with users. The original Groups feature had limited engagement, but Zuckerberg simply believes the new version of Groups is “fun.” The new one, focused around Group Chat, shared networks and notifications, definitely has a deeper array of engagement tools — but will users … Continue reading “Mark Zuckerberg on the "Biggest Problem in Social Networking" [INTERVIEW]”

An Introduction to Social Networking | Social Networking Services

Social networking, in effect, is the grouping of individuals into specific groups… people with shared interests, communities etc. Although it is possible to network socially in person (the way it was always done traditionally!) nowadays it is most popular, and best known as being an online activity. via An Introduction to Social Networking | Social … Continue reading “An Introduction to Social Networking | Social Networking Services”

4 Social Networking Business Tips

Increase your network of people by inviting friends and friends of friends to join you Market to target niche subtly. Post links to quality blogposts, videos and sites. Communicate interactively through social media networking, using discussion boards. via Successful business tips using social media | Chennai Social Media.

Social Networking and Smartphone Usage

The Social Networking report includes the latest data on the social phenomenon that is changing the face of communications today. A remarkable 45% of online Canadians report visiting social networking sites weekly, up from 35% a year ago. The main topics covered in this report include: Social networking behaviour, Attitudes towards social networking marketing communications, … Continue reading “Social Networking and Smartphone Usage”