Purchase Orders

Sue Sutcliffe will not be held responsible for any work done without a written purchase order (PO) number. Once your quote and/or budget is approved, an email will be sent to you giving you the go ahead. The subject line of that email (or ticket) is your PO number. Please ensure this appears on your invoice and all … Continue reading “Purchase Orders”

What is a ticket?

Once your quote is approved, an email will be created giving you the go ahead. The subject line of this email is your PO ticket, and all future correspondence on this job should be captured on it. AWTW keeps track of all client (internal or external) expectations with this email ticketing system. Each time an … Continue reading “What is a ticket?”


Emailed to the person who issued you the ticket for approval and processing. Interim billing will not be accepted (unless prearranged). Terms must state 30 days from receipt of invoice, providing all shortfalls are fixed within one business day of notification. Invoices must contain; to, from, date, ticket subject line, time, rate, subtotal (if taxes), … Continue reading “Invoices”

Phone Calls

If phoning a client is required, phone number should be preceded by *67 which ‘blocks’ your number. If client requests your number, please provide them with ours, and office staff will conference you in on the call and/or take a message if you’re unable to take the call.

File Management

Unless otherwise arranged and confirmed, AWTW owns files Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm. Download a fresh copy of the web pages you are working on every time to avoid overwrite someone else’s work. DO NOT OVERWRITE FILES! Please archive them as follows oldfilename.html oldfilenameYYYYMMDD.html where YYYY=year, MM=month and DD=day. If this isn’t practical because of the number of … Continue reading “File Management”

E-mail Procedures

Subcontractor agrees to: Communicate using the e-mail address that ends in @websitetalent.com whenever conducting business on behalf of aWEBthatWORKS.com answer/acknowledge all email messages within one business day include the domain name in subject line of all email messages sent