LinkedIn rolling out ‘new’ clubhouse-like events platform

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LinkedIn is following Twitter’s lead and rolling out a event platform that allows talking heads to gather like clubhouse, and that the video version they’ve been working on since March 2020 will follow in the spring — two years after the pandemic struck — but I’m not seeing alot that’s new. According to Techcrunch… Event … Continue reading “LinkedIn rolling out ‘new’ clubhouse-like events platform”

My two biggest take aways from 2021 Zoom User Report

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Zoom just published some interesting findings from their 2021 User Data Findings and published their favourite statistics here. My two biggest take aways were: The top day of the week for meetings was Wednesday, followed by Tuesday and Thursday. 47% say it’s never OK to eat during meetings I also learned that I’m not alone… 43% … Continue reading “My two biggest take aways from 2021 Zoom User Report”

Does your virtual background represent your brand well?

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Since the pandemic struck, many of us are spending a lot of time in virtual meetings, and often with people we don’t know. What is your background saying about you and your brand? Most platforms allow you to upload a virtual background and you could choose from those provided, or you could design your own … Continue reading “Does your virtual background represent your brand well?”


Zoom Web Conference Software

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