The 12 Days of Christmas Online Market

24/7 Virtual CHRISTMAS POP UP MARKET December 14-26, 2022

World Event Center brings you a new opportunity to promote your Christmas sales.

24/7 Virtual CHRISTMAS POP UP MARKET December 14-26, 2022
The pandemic created new challenges for businesses relying on sales. Many people moved to shopping online and we have heard more than a few times that our communities wish they could find the same convenience of shopping local.

From December 14th to 26, we want to offer you another way to sell your product or service at our online market, for the 12 Days of Christmas.

So here is how it works…

  • Your subscription is $20! There are no hidden costs!
  • Your subscription goes to the end of the day December 26th
  • If you choose, you can offer your own boxing day sales prices for the bargain hunters!
  • The site is managed full time and all inquiries will be responded to within 6 hours

You can:

  • Share a link to your store or website
  • Post your own video, promote your service, show your products

Customers contact you directly so the sales and arrangements can be managed by you, and your customers are yours for life.