What persona are we targeting?

What is your ideal Customer or User Persona?

Lead Magnet: Persona | Traffic | Sales/Landing/Squeeze/Opt-in Page | Thank you page | Sales Sequence Customer persona or user personas are terms marketers use to describe a fictional character they’ve created to represent an ideal target for a particular product or service they’re trying to market and assist in the creation of the customer-centred design. … Continue reading “What is your ideal Customer or User Persona?”

What is your customer retention and referral incentive strategy?

Do you have a system to Win Back Customers?

Kudos to Hive.co for their blog post about winback campaigns. They write… though customers may not open a particular email, 45% of customers will read subsequent emails. This is the goal of a winback campaign – to send a series of emails that are likely to re-engage leads that are falling off. They’ve done a … Continue reading “Do you have a system to Win Back Customers?”


MARKETING 101: Rejection Strategy

How many times a day have you avoided calling and closing a prospect or customer because you’re scared of rejection?   Successful sales people know that rejection is a brutal yet essential part of the sales process and have developed a rejection strategy that works for them which includes ensuring that: Lists are made (so it’s easy to … Continue reading “MARKETING 101: Rejection Strategy”