To friend or not to friend. That is the question.

DurhamBusinessTimes-201012 Building business relationships today involves more than a handshake and a business card. It often continues, or even begins, with social media. Instead of a one-off encounter, like-minded folks connect — and stay connected — using  Facebook and other social media platforms. Read the entire article via: Durham Business Times

Toronto Sun Newspaper

Do right by your website

By SHERRY HINMAN, Special to Sun Media “You’ve got to be where people are looking.” That’s one of the primary reasons for businesses to have a website, according to Sue Sutcliffe, owner/manager of AWEBthatWORKS.com, a company that has been offering Internet marketing products since 1993. “A website gives your company more credibility and a professional … Continue reading “Do right by your website”

What does phishing mean?

Watch out for the black hats on Facebook!

If you see a message that says… (Your Friends Name) has faced some errors when checking your profile.  View the errors message or a message that says… Error Check System or something else that you did not expect, and might not want to trust, it’s best to ignore them because reports share that they do nasty … Continue reading “Watch out for the black hats on Facebook!”