How Do I Switch From Managed To DIY Domain Name Service

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Managing your own domain name is far easier than it was when I registered my first domain name in 1994. 

If you’re up for doing the work, or have someone on your team you trust with this most valuable digital asset, then we’d be happy to switch you at no charge.

With that said, before asking to switch, please be sure you understand the difference between managed domain name service and DIY domain name service.

All you need to do make this happen is:

  1. Ensure your account with us is current
  2. Open up an account at YODADDY.CA
  3. Email us with:
    1. domain name you wish to self-manage
    2. YoDaddy customer number and
    3. E-mail address associated with this account

We’ll do the rest and let you know when it’s done.