Looking for a better way to dispose your PCs, laptops, servers, PC parts, telephones, printers, wires, cables, etc.?

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Electronics Recycling Association logoThe Electronics Recycling Association (ERA) is a Non Profit Organization that helps companies effectively manage their retiring electronic/IT equipment (PCs, laptops, servers, PC parts, telephones, printers, wires & cables, etc.) in an environmentally and community friendly manner.

ERA is ISO 14001 (2015) and ISO 9001 (2015) Certified and will:

  • Pick up all of your old IT & electronic equipment you don`t need any more at your site,
  • Remove all of your company`s data from computers according to NAID standards (free hard-drive wiping services plus data removal certificate, hard drive shredding service),
  • Refurbish your donated items, and where possible, donate them to local charities in need.
  • Recycle locally all of the equipment that cannot be reused.

Era offers:

  • Data Wiping Services & certification, free of charge
  • On-site/off-site unit destruction

Check out their mobile hard drive destruction units:

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