BLOGGING: 7 Steps to Strategic Blogging

The popularity of blogs is exploding as a cost-effective and successful business tool and you need to be a part of this wave!
What can you do with a business blog?

connect with your market
increase your profile
enhance your credibility
develop and maintain rich conversations with your clients and customers
share topical and relevant content
make connections with potential colleagues and partners

Blogs can easily link to your website and all your social media spaces for potentially higher visibility, Google rankings and sales.
What you’ll learn in this webinar:

do’s and don’ts for your blog strategy
examples of business blogs and why they’re successful
the 7 essential steps to strategic blogging

Join guest speaker and blogging guru Susan Scott to learn the ABCs of blogging!
Susan Scott is an award-winning communications professional with more than 20 years experience. Since 2006, she has owned and operated Full Circle Communications, a full service communications consulting firm based in Oshawa. Susan’s background includes work as a journalist for three newspapers, corporate communications experience in health care, health care fundraising, post-secondary education, law and the broader public sector.

In her business, Susan counsels and advises corporate and business leaders and executives, public sector and charitable organizations and non-profits. She creates clear, consistent messages so clients communicate effectively with their audiences with one voice – whether person-to-person, in print or broadcast, or on the web and social media.

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