Sue Sutcliffe
Team AWEBthatWORKS launched the first online shopping mall in Canada certified secure by the Royal Bank in 1996 and since then has enjoyed showing businesses how to grow their business with e-commerce!

This event is an opportunity for retailers to learn how e-commerce affects their business and how to grow their businesses online. Retail competition doesn’t just come from other stores. E-commerce is affecting large and small retailers and is another competitor in the retail world. Sue Sutcliffe will expose the impact technology and e-commerce have on local businesses, and highlight solutions to keep businesses competitive. Retailers are invited to this webinar to learn how to “make money while you sleep”.


  • Canadian e-commerce statistics
  • E-Commerce: Basic security
  • 3 Approaches to accepting payment securely online
  • Shopping Carts: Custom or off the shelf – Which one is right for you?
  • Popular e-commerce solutions
  • What you need to know to get started
Sorry, but there are no public events scheduled at this time however we'd be happy to provide you with one-to-one coaching if that's of interest?