Facebook Introducing More Ways for Businesses to Drive Offline Outcomes


Facebook Facebook Business announced in their blog yesterday that…

FacebookBusinesses can now build custom audiences from their offline conversion event sets comprised of people who have previously purchased offline. These new types of audiences enable businesses to dynamically re-engage shoppers based on their interactions through offline channels such as stores or call centers. For example, a real estate company can automatically show an ad with their latest house listings to people who have called to schedule an open house tour in the last 30 days. Businesses can also create lookalike audiences to find new potential shoppers that share characteristics with their best customers that shop offline.

Very exciting news indeed, and will be watching the big brands in US — not available in Canada yet — to see what they do with this new super human social media marketing power, now that they are able to market to people who have visited their bricks-and-mortar stores. What will your brand do with this super human social power?