Writing for the Web – How to Find a Writer

Welcome to the first of a series of Friday morning posts on Writing for the Web! In this series, we’ll be covering how to adapt your writing style for individual social media platforms, how to write and format stand-out blog posts, and what it takes to be a effective web writer!


  • Have you ever lost respect for a company because their homepage was full of grammatical errors?
  • How many times have you skimmed idly through a website, then left because you didn’t have time to read huge blocks of text?
The trap many companies fall into is thinking everyone can write. This is true. However, not everyone can write well. When we’re talking marketing writing – especially for the web – we’re talking punchy, flawless, search-engine-optimized, industry-savvy content. This is not a run-of-the-mill ability; this is a professional skill set.


  • sterling grammar and spelling skills
  • professionalism and respect for your brand’s reputation
  • a dynamic turn of phrase
  • the ability to turn client vision into sparkling copy
  • a good understanding of SEO
  • the tech know-how to spread your written copy across your social media platforms
  • fluency in writing for the web, rather than another media or genre

If you or your team members can’t meet those expectations, it might be time to hire a professional.

Check back next Friday to snag some great tips for writing compelling, search-engine-friendly blog posts!

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