Why you should Fire some of your clients! #BusinessBreakthru

Focus On Your Top Customers

WFocus On Your Top Customershen I started my first business in 1992 I would write ANY deal I could, and paid dearly for it.  Not only did I do deals with awesome clients — many of whom became friends, I also did deals with others that did not pay their bills, were always in a hurry or rude to staff.

When we started measuring client profitability, it became obvious, that in many cases these F-Clients (F for fire them fast) were costing us and unpleasant to work with!  Somehow that gave me the strength to do what I should’ve done ages ago — fire them — nicely of course.


  1. Raise your rates
  2. Increase delivery time
  3. Tell them you’d love to but just can’t take more work on at the moment

I decided to CHOOSE who I want to work and focus on giving my A clients the best service I could, and not only did my life have far fewer problems, the quality and conversion rate of the referrals I received also went way up so it was a real game-changer!