Global eCommerce Trends (2019)


Did you know North America is 2nd largest eCommerce market with $561 billion, behind Asia with $740 billion? Shopify just published some comprehensive data about global ecommerce trends you need to know about:

  1. Global Ecommerce Definition and Market Size
  2. Domestic Shoppers Look Beyond Their Borders
  3. International Growth Reshapes the Map
  4. Ecommerce Moves Beyond the Western World
  5. China and APAC Are the Next Growth “Horizon”
  6. Product-Market Fit Varies by Region and Country
  7. International Analytics May Hold the Key
  8. Localized Language and Currency Matter Most
  9. Payment Preferences Vary Around the World
  10. Ethics and Expansion “Paths” Are Near Universal
  11. B2B’s Global Online Sales Dominate B2C